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AMD Radeon rx480 & FREESYNC monitor question

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Andy Jackson, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Fellow members, I own a 34" LG ultra wide screen 2560x1080 freesync 75hz monitor that I currently use for my sim racing enjoyment. It is paired with a GTX770 2gb card. Would any one have experience of using one of the new RX480 AMD cards or similar with a freesync monitor and is there really a big difference? I am going to decide tonight as to wether I am upgrading my card to the RX480 for Freesync or just go over the top and get a GTX1070. I reckon the 480 will probably do the job good enough but the 1070 will give me some power no doubt.

    Any body got any advice for me? Much appreciated.:thumbsup:
  2. Nobody with any advice? That's a first. :sneaky: So I think I will go with the 1070 GPU and have the power, even though I won't be able to take advantage of the monitors freesync capabilities.

  3. jimortality


    I would go with the 1070 Andy. I've always had Nvidia, currently 1080 plus you get to use the new fast sync. I'm no expert mate but stick with Nvidia.
  4. Hi Jim, how are ya mate?
    The monitor is not g-sync Jim, its a freesync, so will only use its freesync capabilities with an AMD gpu. So I was wondering if it was worth just going RX480 at this resolution and have freesync or going down the nvidia GPU route again with the more powerful 1070.
  5. jimortality


    Can you use the fast sync without the freesync? I just hear that amd use more power and get hotter. Amd have had issues with certain games but I'm no expert mate but I would stick with Nvidia all day long and try the fast sync in control panel.
  6. No I don't know what fast sync is Jim, but I do know that you need an AMD card to run a freesync monitor.
  7. jimortality


    Fast sync is new from Nvidia and it's free. Go into cp then click on vsync under 3d settings and the drop down will give you options and you'll find fast sync in there so it won't matter whether you have freesync or not.
  8. Just done a bit of reading up on fast sync. It looks to serve a purpose. But I still can't decide whether to RX480 to make use of the freesync (which apparantly is not the same as fast sync and is much better) or spend a little extra and get the gtx 1070 and do away with freesync.
  9. jimortality


    Nvidia is my choice
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  10. PaulH


    The 1070 is a much better card but is much more expensive, the 1060 is more the equivalent of the RX480
    As for the monitor & freesync I can't give much advice, but the freesync as you know is designed for AMD cards. I did look at freesyn/gsync when I was buying a new monitor a while back but I went for a 144hz monitor, covers all bases ;)
    But if I was buying a new card today it would be the 1070(I have a 970 atm) :thumbsup:
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  11. So to hell with getting freesync working and just go for power? I like it. I'll order one tonight (GTX1070 MSI Armor 8GB) and the wifes new fridge freezer can wait another year. ;):) See, I have my priorities right. Well actually in this order:
    1. My Motorbikes (annual TT trip and Sunday ride outs)
    2. My Sim racing/flight simming PC computing.
    3. My dog
    4. My two sons
    5. My wife
    6. Rest of my family and friends. :thumbsup:
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  12. PaulH


    That's the spirit Andy bollocks to a new fridge! Put the chilled stuff out the garden winter's coming! :laugh:
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  13. PicoBp

    #26 | HSRC - Banzaaaiii Touring Car Crew Premium

    Fast Sync is crap, causes micro-stutters even at 144Hz. I do have the LG 21:9 + 1070 combo and you'll have no issue keeping it locked to 75Hz on Adaptive Sync. Freesync only works if you can't keep up with with the refresh rates, better just future proof the performance. ;)