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AMD gfx card tricks?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Olivier Mandavy, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Are there any specific AMD gfx card tricks in order to get the maximum fps from this game?

  2. Buy a higher spec one.
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  3. What a trick! :p

    No, my 7970@1170/1600 should be enough.
  4. I dunno then. I run an R9 280X and it has plenty FPS.

    - Try lowering shadows quality. Definitely turn off shadow blur.
    - Make sure VSync is OFF.
    - Lower anti-aliasing settings in CCC.
  5. Regarding the anti-aliasing, I use the level4 from the GSC config, is it good or not? is it better to switch it off and create a profile in the CCC?
  6. with the 14.4 drivers i have better results when forcing AA
  7. Use 2 or 3, and make sure VSync is off everywhere, in CCC and in-game.
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  8. How many FPS do you have at night, on race start?
  9. No idea, but I do know it has never been a problem so much that I have needed to check how much it is. In other words, no stutters, which is the only time you need to look at improving FPS. ;)
  10. The night races are really a frame killer
    vsync off, capped@60fps.
    Day race no problem, smooth as butter
    night race (for example, start at last position with Camaro @ Spielberg) -> 35fps
    but when you leave the pack or when the cars are far, the fps go up to 60fps...
  11. maybe this:
    • Night races give a big fps loss
    Open your prl file with notepad++ (right click) located inC:\GSC2013\UserData\YOURNAME
    Find the line 277 and correct it like this : Max Headlights="10" . You can try lower values.
  12. I've turned off aa in game and use supersampling aa in ccc after reading about it in a thread here somewhere...