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AMD Eyefinity 3 xmonitor question

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jason Lancett, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. hi, ive just purchased three monitors the same.. they all have dvi connections, how would i go about setting them up to eyefinity.. i know i need a active dispaly port adaptor, seen a sapphire active dvi one, on amazon for about 20 english pounds.. is it then just a case of 2xdvi, adaptors going to the other 2 monitors, or is there something else im missing?? thanks for looking..
  2. Im running eyefinity with 2xDVI and 1x Display port. if your card has DVI slots you can use them as long as one of the 3 screens are connected with a display port (DVI + Adapter)
  3. One monitor must be controlled by one of the display ports on the card. If all 3 monitors have DVI nputs, then you need an ACTIVE Display port-DVI adapter. XFX sells one that is conformed to work properly by at least 5 RD members. ACCEL adapters have been known to have problems.
  4. I run an XFX 6970, it has 2x dvi (I run them direct to monitors) and the rest of the ports are Mini Display port (I use an XFX mini DP to DVI active adapter) works perfectly :)
  5. thanks for your help guys..