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amBX, more people who use it?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Johan Top, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. I'm not sure whether everyone here has ever heard of amBX. But I'm sure some are familiar with Ambilight on TV's made by Philips. It gives an immersion when watching tv. The wall behind your TV kind of expands what you see on tv. Like, if it's very light in the movie, the wall behind your tv will be very light as well.

    Something like that also exists for pc. Made by Philips as well. You got a wall washer behind the screen and 2 light stands you can place next to yer monitor or so. You can connect several of these systems to your pc, so 3 wall washers and 6 stands isn't a problem as well. This is the cheapest combination.

    The wind and rumble possibilities are kinda useless, as many games don't support it, while the light is supported in all dX9 games. It also works for Youtube, but a low depends on how your browser handles flash. opera and Firefox work, but IE doesn't yet.
    Just check out what happens on a trance show. I made it with a mobile phone, but I think you can see what it does.

    But the real question is, are there more people using this stuff? My kit only cost 25 euros.
  2. Well, I made myself orange :).
  3. I use lightpack but cannae get it working with Assetto Corsa yet - is fine with all my other games...