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Other Ambient sound pack 2016-08-10

Ambient sound pack

  1. senna9922 submitted a new resource:

    Ambient sound pack - Ambient sound pack

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  2. thanks replying. i am not a modder so dont know too much, but when i compared AMS with my real life driving and some real life race videos, i found AMS tire sounds (of all cars) are not "hard" enough, i dont know how to explain, in AMS tire sounds are just like the tires rubbing on another wet rubber surface, not on concrete. do you feel so?

  3. OK I understand, you have right.
    But I only use two series in AMS Formula Extreme and CART Extreme and only two track from Reiza
    rest of tracks is from our forum. Well my AMS is totally adjusted build for me.
    The main reason is that, they are hide files like sfx, hdv, scn I don't know why and I don't care,
    but am slowly losing my nerves.In my opinion rFactor has survived for a long time thanks to the moderators
    and you can see, how slowly coming new tracks and modes.

    Last time when I edit sound for Formula Extreme I was lost half hour to find tyre effect sound
    it was place in F_Reiza folder not in TireSurface for example. So if you want I can send you link for Formula Extreme
    sound mod just for tyre.

    And in most of case, I use AudacityPortable to edit sound or just to increase sound.

    Best regards
  4. whatever, thanks. for changing alltire sounds is a big work, so dont need to do that. original tire sounds are just ok, not bad. my experience is, everytime i downloaded and added some mods - spending a lot of time - then official updates comes, lol
  5. I installed the pack, edited the .plr file...nothing seems to have changed ?
    Does it depend on the tracks used ? i tried only Zandvoort and Zolder for now...
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2017