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Amazing Race!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Pappy55uk, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all first post here..

    I just had an epic race in Spain on my first season.
    Driving for Force India and managed to push to 4th place with 2 laps to go on the penaultimate lap I caught massa for a final lap battle that is very much like if not the same as the old Mansell & Senna battles.
    We must of passes each other at least 6 times and I only just managed to get the upper hand and pull a podium finish off grabbing 3rd..

    I just hope the neibors did not hear my exitement after that battle.

    Loving the game so far..
    Yes it has its problems but its still pretty good..
  2. I have had a couple of fun first 2 races. I am racing for Lotus and at Melbourne I only managed 18th, So i went for the harder compound tire and try and jump a few in the first stint. Got upto 14th, then rest of race I was driving like a get away driver to catch the others. Got upto 11th 3 laps to go, was chasing 10th place and then spun it last lap at waite corner and dropped to 14th.

    Weirdly enough, Malaysia I dominated and got first in everything - that suprised me
  3. My best battle was with myself in the FI and Vettel, along with a lapped car that made it fun. Vettel moved over the left, as the lapped car moved to the side, but suddenly cut back to the left, cutting Vettel off. I moved to the right to try and get by both, so we were three wide going through the s-turns in sector 3 at Hungary. Needless to say, the lapped car in the middle backed off and myself and Vettel went wheel to wheel through those bends. I got him in the end but man was it a good battle. Adrian Sutil has also helped me out before by blocking the car in front when they try and overtake.