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Amazing race @ Spa-Francorchamps with Fernando Alonso!

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Chris, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Hey all,

    I just had the most epic weekend at Spa Francorchamps (on F1 2012) and thought i'd share some of the (virtual) petrol-ly goodness. I chose to be Fernando, because i felt like being the best driver on the planet. (hehe)


    Start: Options
    Pit 1: Lap 15 (Primes)
    Pit 2: Lap 32 (Options)

    Fuel: Aggressive (-3 laps at the start)


    Track: Spa-Francorchamps
    Driver: Fernando Alonso
    AI: Legend
    Weather: 0% chance of rain

    Pole lap: 1:48.768 (F. Alonso)
    Fastest race lap: 1:52.185 (M. Webber)

    Race Day:

    Starting from pole, i got a relatively good launch, bogged down a little, but didnt get any wheel spin. I made it to the first corner with a small dosage of KERS in first place. Got a good exit out of La Source hairpin, whilst the cars behind had a trip off the track (as you can see in the video below) and steadily rejoined the bustling swarm of cars. On the first lap I pulled away from everyone but Hamilton. After the opening few laps, it was clear to me that this was going to be a battle of two titans Hamilton vs Alonso, as we were light years quicker than everyone else.


    Lewis wasn't giving me any room to breathe, and since his Mclaren was geared with a longer 7th gear, his DRS straight line speed was much greater than mine, thus he was able to get passed me in the DRS zone quite easily. However, i had the advantage for the rest of the track as my 7th gear was "more punchy" (as Brundle likes to say) so i could catch him on the straights that didn't have DRS. However, my DRS was rendered useless because i was banging on the rev limiter at 320kph, and thus couldn't get him there. As you can see here:


    Closer and closer i would get, but to no avail, my car just didnt have enough grunt to get passed him on the Kemmel straight. This continued for several laps. Then the single greatest, most balls-out, overtake i've ever done happened. On Lap 11, I gained on him along the start/finish straight, and took a wider entry into La Source, thus I was able to straighten the car out sooner and get on the loud pedal. I used more than three quarters of my KERS allowance for the lap, because i knew this was the time that i would have my vengeance. And how sweet it was. Just as Webber did to Alonso in 2011, and Raikkonen to Schumacher in 2012, I was able to slipstream and carry a heap more speed into Eau Rouge, and pass him just as i got to the bottom of the corner, just edging him out. That was easily the best overtake I've ever done, and Hamilton seemed a tad bewildered by it because he dropped back a fair way. And you can see it here :)


    From then on, Lewis appeared to be in Fuel saving mode.
    Lewis pitted on Lap 14, i found that strange since my tyres still had plenty of life in them, but i elected to pit one lap later, just to stick to my strategy that i had planned before the race. So trundled into the pits (my apologies for the sound of the car, this game seems to have bugged sound when you go into the pits in replay mode, the car has a constant rev of the pit limiter), and my team were there to put on a fresh set of boots (Primes). The stop itself was good, 3.4 seconds. I emerged from the pitlane just ahead of Hamilton (+3 seconds) and continued to build a gap between us two.


    However some laps later, he overtook me again along the DRS assisted Kemmel Straight. He was able to get a bit of gap from there because i made a mistake through Pouhon, and lost about 2-3 seconds. But i eventually caught back up to him with some rich fuel mix running.

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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium


    Eventually i was back within striking distance.
    So I had to be smart about it and pick my moments well. I figured that the best place to overtake him would be from Blanchimont into the Bus Stop chicane. And it payed off! I was able to use the slipstream and take back my hard earned P1. I finally got past the racy Britt, and used a large amount of KERS out of La Source so to try and stay out of DRS range for him to just monster me again.


    Then on lap 31, my planned pit stop for a new set of options was just one lap away, however, i was looking after my tires well... too well, my Primes had gone from lap 15 to lap 31 and were only a very light shade of orange, but i figured I wouldn't risk one stopping since i didn't know if my primes could hold out another 14 laps. So i stopped for the second time on lap 32 for some nice shiny new white marked Options. The stop was 3.015 seconds, and i emerged from the pits with a healthy 13 second gap to Lewis.

    I figured i pretty much had to just bring the car home from that point on. My bum was becoming numb (perhaps i should invest in some more seat cushions), but i had to tough it out, the racing was just too good.

    Then, Button (4th place) started to make a charge at Vettel, who was only 7 seconds behind Hamilton at that point in the race. He put in 6 consecutive fastest laps from laps 33-38 all low 1:53's. However, Vettel must not have been shaken by it because i never saw Button on my Top 3 delta.

    On lap 43 my engineer told me that this was going to be our finishing position if i just bring the car home safe and sound. So that's exactly what i did. Brought it home in first place and finished ahead of Lewis by 7 seconds. Felipe didn't do too well, he finished 12th, however he did qualify 15th, so i guess that's some improvement. lol.

    At which point, Fernando was celebrating, and if Codemasters had bothered to put in a Podium cinematic, then im sure there would have been (virtual) champagne flowing from the bottle of a very happy Spaniard.


    Result 1-12.JPG Result 13-24.JPG

    Thanks for reading. I Hope to have another race like this again some time as it was easily the most immersive and enjoyable racing experience I've had.

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  3. Somewhere in parallel universe Grosjean definitely knows how to brake.
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  4. And has some spacial awareness.

    Great story Tophercheese, enjoyed it.
  5. What an awesome story Tophercheese really enjoyable read.

    Very much reminded me of the race I just had at Malaysia with Hamilton.
    I opted for Button and qualified in third, with Hamilton on pole and Alonso second. I had a blistering start and it was almost all 3 of us together going into turn 1, thankfully Alonso braked much harder so I slotted in behind Hamilton, then coming out of turn 2 Hamilton edged wide and my strong exit allowed me to jump into first, from then it was a constant battle, every time Hamilton had DRS he would pass me, 8 times out of 10 I could out brake him into turn 1 as my confidence was high with this corner. If he somehow managed to keep ahead, then I'd whack my fuel up to rich to stay right on his gearbox and pass him on the straight into turn 9 (I believe, the slow up hill left hander). on my pit stop on lap 12 I got a good time of 3.014 seconds and came out in 7th, put the fuel up to rich for this lap only to come down the pit straight to see Hamilton in front of me, thankfully his cold tyres saw him wobble in turns 1 and 2 and I could pass him on the exit of turn 3. The DRS battle continues until about lap 26 when I saw I still had +3 laps, so whacked it up to rich for these last few laps and won the race by 3 seconds with Vettel in third another second behind and a couple of tenths of him was Grosjean...maybe this parallel universe Dmitry mentions is in my game!

    Don't think you can top the game when you have battles like that. Just makes it so enjoyable.

    Other info was no racing assists, only 50% though as it was late and Legend AI.
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  6. Good story Topher :)
    Very much as real battle :cool:
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  7. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Yeah he was definitely the driver of the race. Started 11th and finished 6th.