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WIP Amaroo Park

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Ryan Callan, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. This is not a BTB track (or even a new build) but a remake of the current Amaroo 1996 v2.0 already available, but this was the best place to put it.

    A full texture overhaul (thanks to woochoo for permission for some of his tree textures and crowds), along with whatever I can summon up the energy and/or talent to do plus basic stuff like filling up holes adding object etc etc etc.

    The update will be based on the 90-93 period (GroupA) so if anyone has any good pictures to share, especially of that period, it would be very helpful. I already have a few but the more the merrier :)
  2. No photos but I have found a youtube video of the track being used in the 1991 ATCC:

    Hope it helps. :)
  3. Hit the Autosport.com Nostalgia Forum (if not done so already) and hit the search button there for pics & info on the track.

    Nice idea, btw, I like this track but it could do with an update.
  4. Ja been to AS and 10Tenths :). Thanks Adam also.
  5. Here is some more footage, this one from 1987

    Provides some different camera views and so on

    Great project, i live not far from where the track was, and went there many times
  6. Little progress report, currently working on bump & cube maps, trees, 3D grass and crowds and some other stuff.
  7. Sand on track as well...? ;)
  8. Maybe, the original design of the track (GPL) makes it very, very limited or very, very tedious work in many areas. Or both.
  9. 3d grass?

    pls tell me more!
  10. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    As in the same grass that surrounds bathurst. Its basically a 'tree wall' of grass :)
  11. Just coplanar models with grass texture, nothing special :)
  12. Hows this going ryan?
  13. This was left a long time ago; hard drive failure (tbh I hadnt done that much anyway). It requires a HUGE amount of work; I am not sure I will get time to restart it; I may get time this winter. Too busy doing leagues, league tracks and helping others optimise their own.