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Am I the only one who don't understand why people like AC?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by pinkimo, Oct 25, 2016.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a bit disturbed after having played a few hours to AC (on PC with a G27).

    I love racing games of all kinds and it's very rare I don't like a good game. I've had a lot of fun on simcades like GRID and GT6, I've started realsims a few weeks ago with GSCE and AMS, and I have so much fun with them. I've also tested and liked R3E, GTR2, rF2 and RACE07.
    I've spent my weekend configuring and testing AC, I've tested at least 20 cars (core content + a few mods, race cars and road cars) during more than 5 hours. I've tried hard to like it, but I think I like almost nothing in it.

    Almost all cars I've tested seems to weigh 3 tons, everything seems so sluggish. I don't really feel the acceleration, they don't brake well (I've to brake earlier on AC with ABS than in AMS without ABS on the same car, and braking without ABS on cars which have ABS is a pain in the ass, even after having increased the brakes gamma), they don't turn well (not so much grip), and there is not much feedbacks from the road.

    And perhaps the main problem, perhaps what makes me feels it's so sluggish, is the engine sounds. Most I've heard feel so artificial, completely liveless, and often closer to a mower than a car. I've not heard anything that bad in 10 years, feels like a (not so good) 90's game.
    And as if it was not enough, they've added a huge muffled effect (even on the outside sound...), which mask the power of the engine, even for the rare cars with a not to bad engine sound.

    I'm completely amazed when I see videos of "the best engine sounds in AC" with comments like "It sounds better than IRL"... Did they ever have heard any real powerfull car or any engine sound from any other good game?

    I remember my first lap on the Nordschleife with a Z4 on GT6, it was so fun, very grippy, fast passed. I've done 2 laps on the Nordschleife with a GT3 on AC and it was not that fun at all (even if I've liked the details of the laser scanned road).
    Last 2 days, after having passed 2 hours testing cars on AC, I did a few laps of some of the same cars on the same track on AMS, it was a few laps of fun after 2 boring hours...

    I could think that the success comes from gamers which discover realsims with AC, but I see many people playing with other realsims who like also AC, which seems almost impossible to me.

    Do I miss something? I just can't understand how what I feel in this game, which seems obvious for me, seems so different of what most people feel.
    So I feel disturbed and a bit alone, so I post to see if I'm really alone :)

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  2. The good thing is, you mentioned that you HAVE found sim titles that you enjoy. Go enjoy 'em and don't worry about Assetto Corsa. If you don't like it, don't try to force yourself into accepting something you don't like. I love Assetto Corsa, but admittedly, I came from GT6 and I have no experience with any other PC Racing Sim...ever.

    Perhaps one day I'll try AMS and then burn AC to a disc just so I can poop on it. Who knows? And you could be right, maybe a lot of those people who praise AC have never tried or heard any of the other sims either. I do know, from the year I've had AC and been interacting with the AC community on forums, that there are many people who have tried all the sims and they believe Assetto Corsa is the best one - no question. And then some of them enjoy AC for this feature, but prefer AMS for that feature. But love the racing in iRacing...

    The best thing, in my opinion, is the variety of sims there are. We've got choices. :thumbsup: And today especially, I'm going to be very happy that I'm an Assetto Corsa player because I've got 8 Porsche's waiting to be driven and 16 more to follow over the next two months. :D Good luck! :)
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  3. jimortality

    Premium Member

    You're not alone, I bought it early access and I dislike it with a passion but as Alb says just leave ac and enjoy the rest.
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  4. From what I hear, AMS is pretty awesome. Obviously, if you want super organized, well structured multi player racing above anything else, iRacing can't be beat by anybody. There's a lot of choices out there. rFactor 2 should be getting some new life blown into it soon. That's good.
  5. ouvert

    Premium Member

    just to those engine sounds .. yep they are mostly not where some other sims are but in upcomming 1.9 patch there are lots of audio changes so you might wanna check it again tomorrow ... also try old openwhellers and old cars in general if you haven`t .. that is where AC is best .. more fun, better feedback, and H-pattern shifter and H&T automatically adds 40% fun .. race cars are kind of meh ...

    and little thing that works for me: don`t jump into AC right from AMS :)
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  6. I think you are in overdose of simracing games. In a few weeks you have been through a lot of stuff and jumping from one to another would be confusing for me. In any case the thing about AC is official laser-scanned tracks and famous cars + good FFB. If you are interested in exploring the personalities of some famous cars and you have a steering wheel then AC is good.
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  7. Turk

    Premium Member

    I wouldn't really load up a GT3 car for fun, they're more a serious tool for the job of racing. For fun I'd load the GTA or Escort.

    I assume your doing enough laps to heat the tyres up, because some of your descriptions sound like a car not warmed up. AC is basically my hobby now, I can't get enough of it, I've even lost interest in other types of games.
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  8. You say you have also played R3E, GTR2, rF2, RACE07 and AMS. Yet you attempt to compare Assetto Corsa's handling with Gran Turismo. You're talking about bad audio... coming from Gran Turismo... I think you should give the titles you've played some more time...

    But to each their own. Enjoy what you like, stop trying to question why others enjoy something different than you.
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  9. The thing is, I don't think I don't like AC because of AMS. It's not I prefer AMS over AC, it's I don't like AC while I like not only AMS, not only all other realsims I've tested, but also all simcades I've tested, all GRID (yes, even the 2nd one) and GT6.

    I've spent august playing GT6 and liked it, despite its flows.

    It's the impression of driving 3 tons cars with powerless engines which kills AC compared to any other good racing game I've played, it feels so sluggish, so boring, so "flat", I don't understand how I can feel this that much and how most people seems to see no big difference with GT, PC, AMS or whatever (real)sim(cade) they have played.
    It's weird because when I see video comparing AC to other games, the cars go as fast and turn as wheel in AC than in other games, but I don't feel that at all.

    I've to make a few laps on GRID Autosport and GT6 to see if my perception has been changed by GSCE/AMS, even if I'm sure it's not the case.

    Of course I've just to not care about AC, it's even a good news for me, one game less on my huge todo list, but I hope I don't miss anything.

    AMS is known to be the best for openwhellers and old cars in general. I've tested 2 old cars in AC, I didn't like them. I've tested the 2013 Ferrari F1, it was not that bad (the less sluggish, but still sluggish compared to what it should be), but weird (it seems too hard to spin), and far from AMS.

    Quite the oposite. I've spent 70h on GSCE, mostly trying tracks (~250) and mods in test mode, completed at most 2 or 3 5 laps races and I've not even tried all core cars. I'm just starting to discover it (I'm testing on GSCE and will migrate properly on AMS everything I want to keep, it's easier to test tracks after having removed all already tested ones, even core ones).

    And I've only spent less than 10 hours on AMS, and 2 or 3 hours at most on each other.

    And FFB is often listed as a weakness of AC. It clearly is not even close to AMS, rF2 or even R3E. It's closer to simcades IMHO.
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  10. the best sim is AMS..for pure racing ..but have been driving AC the most lately as the VR is just so immersive .hope AMS gets VR soon:)
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  11. Regarding AC sounds you must be misinformed, its one of the areas they are trying to improve .
    Ams , raceroom, iracing all sounds miles better than AC.

    To me it seems you need to exercise some patience and put in some time.
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  12. I´m sorry but IMO this is very easy, if you don´t like it, don´t play it.!
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  13. It is easy. It's also easy to discuss the reasons that he doesn't like it. That's what forums are for you know.
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  14. :O_o:
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  15. AC's FFB is more realistic than anything rf1 based - whether you like realistic, or prefer "a little more special effects" is up to your tastes though.
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  16. I echo all the negatives posted in this thread. It just cannot compete when you have RF2/AMS that replicate driving so perfectly.
    AC has a lot of work to do as it does not even look good outside of the replays that get tarted up by the engine on playback anyway.

    I'm sat here having downloaded the Dlc but not itching to play it!!!
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  17. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Member Premium Member

    Right? I've heard a lot of complaints about AC (and voiced several myself) but FFB is not usually one of them.

    So, wait, you praise rF2/AMS (arguably the worst graphics of modern sims) in one sentence and then criticize AC's graphics in the next sentence? :O_o: :roflmao:
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  18. Depends on how you have the game setup, jaggies in Ac mirror those in RF2/Ams max settings
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  19. And forums are to give opinions too, or not?
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  20. SakL

    Black flagged in a club race! Premium Member

    I could add, that 5 hours in AC (or any sim) is nothing. Nor is 70. It takes time, and good FFB setup to get any idea what the game is like. So keep on going, but remember to enjoy it! If it feels like a pain, it's OK to let go :)
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