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Am I the only one loving this game?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by blackcelica, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. I think it's brilliant, best F1 title ever. (few glitches, but what new game doesnt?) I had F1 2010 last year on PC and this beats it hands down. I've installed all the best mods so far, HD cars, helmets, tyres etc etc. I'm really enjoying the career mode and have had some really good racing battles since I've modded the AI and damage levels. My PC luckily runs it flawlessly in full detail. All I can say is well done codemasters. This ones a winner.
  2. I don't get all the hate on this game, as you said every new game has a few bugs and Codemasters has already shown with the release of the first patch that they're aware of problems and listening to us. People who cry about the AI's being slow are stupid because for PC it takes 20 seconds to download the improved AI mod and you have no more problem.

    This game is also meant to be, doesn't take a genius to figure this out, a GAME not a simulator of F1 so when people say OMG this game has too much grip they have to realize this game was meant for average gamers, not to compete with something like rFactor or iRacing.
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I think all the hate is a bit exaggerated. When you read official forums of any game a large group is always negative.

    Has to do with forums: out of 100% visitors, 90% never posts and only reads and probably have no problem with the game and silently enjoy it. The 10% that does post has either:
    1) good contributions to make, really constructive and friendly (thankfully the majority of our posters at RD :thumb:)
    2) a big mouth and want to troll around
    3) same as 2) but also with a small penis which makes them shout/troll even harder to compensate

    The majority is probably happy and satisfied but unfortunately they don't post that. Good that the OP here did!

    I am not loving the game myself but I do like it a lot :)
  4. Yeah i'm one of the readers that never posts- I think F1 2011 is awesome. Miserable people should try citalopram or something?
  5. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    Lovin it big style, sure there is things I would like fixed, and some small detail changes (like an AI difficulty % slider), more realistic team performance and lap times etc, but man, it's a great fun game IMHO.

    Just for the record, hardcore sims is my background, to the point I spent over £800 building a race cockpit using Porsche parts, but u know, sometimes it's just nice to play a "good game", it's gives me plenty of thrills to keep coming back for more.

    If it's at all possible to mod I will look into adjusting the team specific performance more accurately and speeding the legend AI up a tad more (compared to player ratio), then I really will be very happy bunny indeed.
  6. It's definitely a forum thing. You have to keep your distance from it. You'd think it was the end of the world over at the Codemasters forum. I personally love the game and am excitedly looking forward to playing the PC version this weekend with AI mods installed. I agree with the OP, best F1 game to date.
  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I love it ....... and hate it.

    I have a blast online with friends, but for example tonight at Canada in career mode, I spent a LOT of time swearing at the screen. Quali 2 in the rain screwed it for me, I couldn't touch the AI times and started 17th. This made it a very tough race, but I could only get 12th, after spinning off the inside kerb at the hairpin, and getting a drive-through as punishment, just to rub salt into the wound.

    The corrupt game save has hit me 7 times now, and I lost data in 2 of them. That is frustrating, especially as I had switched off Autosave, and have a scheduled task which backs up my save folder every 2 hours ....... all day!

    There as so many good things about the game though, that it outweighs the negatives at the moment. It was money well spent and I don't regret it. As usual with most software nowadays, I yearn for a GOOD patch, and hope they can improve on and fix the major flaws.

  8. What platform are you playing on? I'm curious as to whether people have been able to put out a mod for the AI in wet weather.
  9. I'm enjoying it, I found 2010 unplayable due to the crap AI and rubbish car handling. 2011 has it's bug's but I'm not finding them game breaking like 2010 and I'm hopeful patches and mods will correct them.
  10. 2011 suffers so much from those damn bugs. It's such a good game, but sometimes it's really unplayable.
  11. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I love this game.
    Good FFB , much better than 2010.
    I can battle with the AI, I don't race online
    I didn't run in to bugs.
  12. I love this game so much that when I get my income tax refund this year I'm buying a Fanatec Wheel with clubsport pedals. I've been using the M$ Wheel and its starting to wear out, (the shifters are broken.) I liked F1 2010 but honestly It was too easy. My friend and I are doing a Co-Op Championship and when the races are over we talk about how the race went, who blocked us, who passed us, who did we have trouble getting around, what was our tire strategy and did it work out. This game gives you a race experience like I've never had before. I sometimes find myself talking about these races like it actually happened.
  13. I found the game awesome ... and the bugs ? every game have bugs ... one bug cost me win in my league, but its still so much fun, that these little things can not spoil my pure addiction to this game :) the game is perfectly playable much improvement from 2010 much more fun with DRS and tyres ... to all who complain abouth "not drivable" ... buy the wheel (its just lame to play racing game on keyboard) or learn to drive ...
  14. Personally, F1 2011 rocks! I love the new cinematics as it give the game more "feel". As for the gameplay, bugs, yes there are but in no way they are game breakers. The new suspension engine to me has done wonders for the game playablity. I know it is not a SIM but it is damn near close to it.
  15. +1. I'm definitely feeling the love. :D
  16. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I am on the PC, with various mods applied, but none of them weather related. I might tweak the damage and aggression mods slightly though, just to suit my taste.

    Anyone noticed that you get a DRS failure in every race, it usually lasts just one lap, but is so often the lap where you first get a chance to use it, or it's an important overtake that you need coming up?

    I think KERS and DRS are a superb feature, and they make you think a little bit, and use a bit of planning. It's so important to know where the DRS sensing line is, and you can use KERS to help you get there when needed.
  17. All the criticism is vastly exaggerated. Sure, the game has some flaws, but so what. Every game does. I'm still enjoying every bit of it.
  18. Absolutely amazing game! I wish I had more time to play it though, but nonetheless I'm still playing it a lot!!! :)
    Believe me, in order to enjoy this game at its full potential and with a lot of adrenaline in your blood, you must have a pair of 3d (3dvision) glasses, a good wheel (g25 - 27), big screen (at least 24'') and a powefrul machine that allows you tu push every graphic setting to max! If you buy it, you won't ever regret!
  19. Nope. I think its fantastic.
    My only problem with it, is the corrupt save issue. But I'm sure Codemasters or RD will fix that sooner or later :p
  20. Its got flaws but I still love it (pc version) I suspect I would love the console version a lot less because iv'e already moded my game to make it more to my liking re AI speeds, cockpit view hud, look to apex etc etc