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Alternative download link

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Qomplainerz, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Hello
    I purchased Bob's Track Builder Pro.
    Got the mail with the key,
    but when I want to download BTB from bobstrackbuilder.net it says I shall login to continue,
    although I am logged in already.
    I clicked on the verification link which I also got per mail, too.
    So I am wondering if there are alternative download links.
  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    afaik it is:
    Log in at BTB.
    download the program
    install the program
    add the key
    start the program
  3. The page says I shall login, although I am logged in already.

  4. Pro Users? Strange, if you bought the program you are a pro user...
    Maybe a site glitch
  5. Yeah, I purchased the pro version.
    I also believe it's a site glitch.
    However, Brendon answered via mail and I was able to download the pro version.
    Now I am stuck at uploading the hardware ID I generated.
    The site keeps saying
    " Filename does not match the current version. It should be named HardwareId.v1.0.0.1. Please ensure you are using the latest version of BTB and try again."
    I named the file exactly "HardwareID.v1.0.0.1. and the file details of Bob's Track Builder I downloaded also say version
    I hope that Brandon replies to this mail, too.
    Thanks for posting your ideas so far :)
  6. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    the name of the file has to be exactly HardwareId.v1.0.0.1 or in my case: HardwareId.v1.0.0.0 even when i use the version BTBpro v1.0.0.1.
    HardwareId.v1.0.0.1 without an extension
  7. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    concerning the login, it is a glitch. You are logged in. So when you go to "Nandoo" a pull down screen follows where all your details are.
  8. Thanks Erwin, but when I run the HID application it automatically generates a txt file so how can I remove the extension?
  9. As you can see the filename is HardwareID, seemingly without the .txt extension, but when I look at the details there is a .txt extension and I can't remove the extension there.

  10. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    You should be running the CreateHardwareId.exe, not the HID.exe. Please let me know if I have an old incorrect instruction somewhere.
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  11. Thanks Brendon

    I guess your description was correct.
    You wrote "To obtain a license you first need to run the "Create Hardware" application, it will generate a file in the BTB folder which must be uploaded to the BTB website."
    Nothing happened using the Create Hardware ID.exe so I tried the HID.exe.
    I read a post that ALL executables need to be run in admin mode so I checked if everything's running in admin mode and the Create Hardware ID.exe now creates the hardware ID without a file extension and the website accepted the upload :)
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