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Alternate Calendar Tracks

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Nick Rowland, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Based off my last post it is quickly becoming evident that a slightly different calendar seems also of interest.

    I have listed a few tracks that are of interest. Please have your say and input on what alternate tracks you would like and I will create a poll out of them and see how they balance against the standard Formula 1 tracks.

    USA - Road Atlanta
    USA - Road America
    USA - Long Beach
    USA - Daytona Road Course
    USA - Mid-Ohio
    USA - Watkins Glen
    Belgium - Zolder
    Portugal - Algarve (Portimao)
    Britain - Brands Hatch
    Netherlands - Assen
    Russa - Moscow
    Spain - Aragon
    Spain - Jerez
    Spain - Valencia Ricardo Tormo
    Italy - Mugello
    Czech Republic - Brno
    France - Le Mans Bugatti
    Australia - Adelaide
    Australia - Phillip Island
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  2. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Long Beach
  3. Mexico
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  4. Long Beach
  5. USA - Road America
    USA - Watkins Glen
    Portugal - Algarve (Portimao)
  6. South Africa - Kyalami
    Japan - Okayama(TI Aida)
    UK - Donington
    France - Magny Cours
    Portugal - Estoril
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  7. Those are already in the list, mate. :)
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  8. and Kyalami
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  9. I thought we were voting for what we wanted from that list? Haha nevermind me then. :)
    We've been through this already, we don't need taxi's and people as mobile chicanes. Also not sure they'd get the right textures, grip levels, and track evolution features for the imminent squatter camp bound to pop up on race weekend. :)

    I joke of course, I'd love to see a track from the African continent on the calender. Kyalami would be very difficult to get into rF2 at the moment, since any existing version is extremely outdated in terms of track surface and textures.

    Phakisa or Port Elizabeth's circuit would be epic too. :)
  10. Saint Petersburg
  11. As long as its only texture work, I`m motivated to help with track editing ;)

    PS: Nordschleife aka green hell :)
  12. I tried earlier this year with Kyalami, the track mesh needs to be redone, the track maker went a little overkill with the bumps. I mean Kyalami is bumpy in places, but not that bumpy. :)
  13. Llangollen F1 Wales
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  14. - Le Castellet - Paul Ricard, the long track with the long straight :) Inside the top 5 tracks in the world imo.

    - Enna Pergusa

    - Someone mentioned short Le Mans, but I see no riieson why wouldn't we just choose the long Le Mans.
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  15. Norisring is a bit more interesting :D