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Steering Wheels Alternate 2ol4-"closer" Toro Rosso wheel (HD) 2.0

2013-14 "Hybrid" S.N.O.W.M.A.N.-Fantasy "dirty" Toro Rosso wheel (HD) 4 2014 mods :)

  1. Salut Gilles submitted a new resource:


    Alternate 2ol4-"closer" Toro Rosso wheel (HD only)
    - 2013-14 "Hybrid" S.N.O.W.M.A.N.-Fantasy "dirty" Toro Rosso wheel (HD) 4 2014 mods :)

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  2. Nice, downloading this 4 sure ;)
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  3. :thumbsup:
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  4. you have in mind creates the wheel of Williams?
  5. It's almost ready, along with all others, and they will be available very soon, perhaps b4 RL FP1 in China. :)
  6. would be great if CM could make it possible in the future to use different steering wheels in other cars
    having the whole interior in the wrong place makes it look weird and messes up with custom cameras

    nice work, though - the white LEDs feel a bit too shiny/bright to me
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  7. Yeah, agreed on that, but again, and sadly, they would probably invoke License restrictions as soon as being questioned about it.

    For that shiny white, agreed also, but there may be workarounds to try mitigate the excessive brightness, like installing one of the No glare mod from @Winner or reducing Gamma to 0.9, or 0.8. There may also be other MISC mods that lessen the excessive BLOOM of this game. Searching in the Resouce bank is a friend, sometimes. :)
  8. I have no problems with the "bloom" (it's HDR I still say, but CM named it bloom in their files, lol) nor gamma overall in the game, so I won't change that.
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  9. Good point. Although, it also needs to be said, I think, that I, for example, don't stare at my wheels numbers when driving on track in a virtual Formula 1 car ;) I am (sometimes) so scared to miss this or that apex at full speed, having to think about so many other moves... And also, let's not forget that these wheels' 2014-closer mods are in no way representative of the real ones... It's just to make them a little bit different than they were in this game last year. :)
  10. After this newer 'complete' package I'm working on, and testing it in team-work spirit with @auroboros, who not only does find details I overviewed, but also contributes a lot to it with his own PCU-xD mods, yeah! After this one 4 all wheels, I may work on an update to this Toro Rosso wheel, by using the Force India wheel instead of Lotus. We'll see if it's possible to make it better, and keep all options open. After all, it's all just for trying to give any 2014-season mod a little more fun to play with.
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  11. Hm, getting the steering wheel into the right position is hellufawork. Would need to rewrite half of the int_tr2.pssg parameters.
    But you can use the original toro rosso int_tr2_driver_anims.pssg, this way the driver sits correctly, means the head/helmet won't be within the chassis.
    Though it might be he presses the wrong area when hitting a button, didn't test yet but I personally would prefer to see the driver(s) sitting correctly more than if their fingers move into the right place to hit a button.
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  12. I saw that problem (wrong sitting position in the garage when I was working on the tr2 wheel), but when I started making screenshots of all teams, 1 by 1, I also saw many of them had the same, if not even worse, problem. So I decided to let them be that way.

    It's not a game-breaking bug, and as soon as you select go to track, the anims get you back to your head-cam view. CM not serious enough to care... again.
  13. And for the wrong positions for the finger presses, just test starting a session in the Lotus, and you will see the default game anims is not better... I must admit it doesn't bother me since the game devs don't want to be serious enough, so do I.
  14. Salut Gilles updated Alternate 2ol4-"closer" Toro Rosso wheel (HD only) with a new update entry:

    2014-closer Toro Rosso's "BLACK STALLION" Steering Wheel version V2 in HD :)

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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