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Cars Alpine A364 for GSCE (1.0) 1.0b

A tribute to PixSim Team's work. Two tracks included as a bonus.

  1. Fernando Zart submitted a new resource:

    Alpine A364 for GSCE (1.0) - A tribute to PixSim Team's work. Two tracks included as a bonus.

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    Last edited: Jun 25, 2014
  2. thanks for this, from the video, really amazing sounds & detail...looking forward to try it out hopefully tmrw when my new HD comes in. can i ask what the real life history of this car is?
  3. Fernando Zart updated Alpine A364 for GSCE (1.0) with a new update entry:

    Corrects a problem in the rFm files, which may crash the game during race start.

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  4. Lazarou


    You should make a post in the mod section about the audio settings you gave Fernando. This is my face with them settings and my Audio Technica ATH-M50's on. :) Wow.
  5. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Thanks for sharing this Fernando. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but are those audio suggestions good across the whole game, or just the mod?
  6. Hi Andrew, the changes on the PLR files affects the whole game, provided you are using that user profile. If you want to have different sets of settings (audio, for instance), you can create different pilot profiles, and alter only the ones you wish.

    Oh, and there's no such thing like dumb questions, just dumb answers. :)
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  7. Glad you liked, Paul. The suggestions aren't "mine", I've read them in a thread a long time ago, God knows where... :) But yeah, they really bring life to game.
  8. Hello,
    I'm from PIXSIM team. I want to say that we have never been contacted or given our approval for conversions of the Alpine A364 and the two tracks "Charade and Nogaro" .
    These conversions are ILLEGAL.
    You are therefore requested to remove all download links.

    We will follow this very seriously! ....
  9. Lazarou


    Hi Grincheux, sorry for any distress caused with regards to this conversion. I know for a fact that the OP has tried to contact you on numerous occasions for a while and has agonised over the release so please don't be too offended.

    Can you just explain to me for future reference.

    1. As this is a quality conversion (better than most conversions that are swamping the forums) what is the issue with it as long as the convertor does not try to take the credit for the original mod?

    2. Is there a copyright notice or copyright issued for this or any other rfactor mods, as they are not payware I am not sure how this works?

    Personally if someone converted something I had done even without asking permission I would be delighted to see that people like and enjoy my work. I have not lost any money because of it and if I did not want it to be open to usage, an open download link on the wild west of the internet would be the last place I would release it.
  10. No offense Paul, but it is always unpleasant to see that your work is plundered (because you can really believe me, is really a lot of work ...).
    Regarding the conversion, it seems quality is true (and for once more we sity ...), but we would have preferred to be informed and especially check that it corresponds to our standart quality. This is not an ego problem (he's fine, thank you for it).
    Okay, we'll leave it there .... anyway, we decided not to download several mods or tracks that we made. '' The attitude of "community" is too disappointing .....
    Have fun, this is the main ...
  11. Lazarou


    Hey Grincheux thanks for the quick response, I am genuinely interested to hear your point of view. I am sorry Fernando & I offended you with this. I played my part in him releasing it as I thought Fernando had done a great job.

    We could not believe the quality of the work you had done it really is one the best out there on rfactor, we both love the old style of racers and also me being a big Renault/Alpine fan (Owned 6 Renaults) it was a dream come true!

    Please try to take the release as a massive compliment to your original work.

    Please can I confirm you are o.k with this being available?
  12. i can't speak for why you guys weren't contacted, but for whatever it might be worth i know i hadn't heard of pixsim until i saw this amazing mod, & now know it as something to look for...i totally understand feeling disrespected though.

    just want to say i sincerely appreciate your guys work, as obviously did the person who converted this, as well as your decision (hopefully) to let this stick around for others to enjoy.

    feel truly bummed when feelings get hurt with this stuff.
  13. Hi all, and specially Grincheux, Sorry to be late to this discussion. I'm very sad that this developed this way.
    I did try to contact PixSim Team since I've started to work in the conversion, few months ago, through the site www.pixsim.net (sent messages thru the contact link, but now I see that they may never been read, maybe the link is broken?). Also recently tried to sent Grincheux (after discovering that he was part of PixSim in another thread) a PM at nogripracing.com, and when I got no answer after some days I realized that his last visit was several months ago, and began to think that maybe PixSim wasn't active anymore.

    I take the sole responsibility for releasing the mod, and the reasons were that I began to think that maybe PixSim wasn't active anymore, and after reasoning as Paul wrote above, I decided to let it go.
    I'm truly sorry for this bad decision, I didn't mean to steal or disrespect the very people I'm trying to *give credit* with this Tribute. I don't claim any credit for the work, I am a huge fan of PixSim's work in rF1, and made all efforts to be sure that everything is exactly as it was in the original mod (didn't altered anything - sounds, models, physics, nothing).
    The handling of the mod in GSCE is superb, and this can be attested by several reviews.

    To sum it all, I am the first in line to take it down if PixSim so desires, including removing the video at youtube. Otherwise, please see this message as a formal asking for permission, since (unfortunately) this was the very first time that we finally "met".

    Grincheux, please accept my sincere apologies, and just let us know what is the PixSim verdict. Learning that "no answer" is equivalent to "no" is good enough for me. :)

    No matter the end, I'm glad to finally be able to thank you guys personally for your excellent work.

    Be safe.
  14. Hi fernando,

    no worries, of course you have our permission. :)

    Good game to all of you.
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  15. Lazarou


    Thank you from me, Grincheux :)
  16. Hi Grincheux, very happy with your authorization. Thank you a lot.
  17. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    A really nice mod Fernando, great fun to drive. Congratulations :D
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  18. I have a G25. This and the Clio Cup Mod the ffb is all over the place. The Clio mod the wheel just pulls to one side if you let it go and on this there is no feeling - wheel is really heavy at slow speeds and nothing at high speeds.
    I have installed the Brit Sports Cars and Carerra Cup Mods without any hassle in regards ffb. Any help appreciated!