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AlphaChannel Texture problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Nedo, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Hi there,

    i have problems with 3D objects who use a Texture with an Alphachannel.
    Objects render strange inGame (see pics)
    they look transluicient, objects behind render in front, i dont know what this
    could be. The Alpha mask should only work at some special positions on the object, and not the whole object.
    Any helps?

    i allready tested this:
    render Objects doublesided dont help here,
    i testet to save the DDS in 1bit alpha, and the other two, dxt3 and dxt5, no help.



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  2. Try chroma instead of alpha
  3. Hi kytt,

    first thanks for the reply!
    well chroma means no alphachannel needed just a special RGB color
    in the diffuse texture (lets say R255 G255 B0) for the translucient effect?
    i will test this today at home.
  4. This is the same problem I had with trees, Unless someone else knows a solution all I have been able to do is use the chroma.
    How I do it is when I make the texture,I save the dds without any background. The transparent area in the image project becomes the chroma. Either that or the alpha becomes the chroma, anything that's not black in the alpha channel will be visible. I don't know for sure. I hope someone with experience will come along and explain this for us :D
  5. The Alpha problem with things behind displaying in front is an rFactor problem & I believe there is no solution other to use Chroma.
    Chroma will still use the Alpha channel.
    I understand what Nedo is saying about the "special RGB color" but to be honest I have never used that method successfully.

    I just use an Alpha mask & use Chroma & all seems to work ok.
    You just need to make sure your Alpha channel is clean as a 99% value on your mask will act as 0% & allow all image to come through.
  6. after experimenting the whole weekend i finaly found a way.
    I still have to make & store the alpha channel inside the dds, but
    with the special chroma color i have to mark the parts on the diffuse too,
    then it renders solid without any errors in rF.
    What you dont get with this is "half-translucient" (i.e. dirty windows) its full or not.
    You have to use alpha (some grey colors) for the half translucient effect.
    So in other words, modell this parts as an complete unique Object, thats the only way i know so far ;)
    Maybe it have something to do how you save the dds, what settings ect.