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Alonso knew about Singapore crash - Piquet Snr

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Renato Preti, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. This is turning really ugly. I'm not sure if I believe Alonso knew as well but I don't think Piquet has an axe to grind with Alonso? so why implicate him unless he did really know? Ah well the merry-go-round continues but this is turning nastier by the day and bad for F1
  2. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Ecclestone: "Nelson told me that he is going to do everything he can to destroy Briatore."

    Piquet is trying to do as much damage as possible to Briatore, and because that there are important reasons to go against Alonso:

    * Alonso and Briatore are close friends, Alonso always says he's in F1 thanks to Flavio Briatore, more or less same relationship Lewis Hamilton and Ron Dennis had.

    * Alonso declared to press (Brazilian included) that he considers impossible that Briatore ordered Piquet to crash on propose, which it's the same as say Piquet is making false accusations. Others would shut up and wait but... Alonso is Alonso, he can't shut up, he just says what he thinks at that precise moment...

    * If Alonso is inside conspiracy, then what Piquet Jr. says about not receiving same material and being under a boycott would appear as possible and logical, so he can say he don't really sucks like it seemed.

    But more than this, what Piquet Sr. says is just a guess:

    "Fernando knew everything. He couldn't ignore it."

    Anyway, in radio transcriptions you can read how Alonso is asking why they are changing his strategy from 3 to 2 stops, as well as his engineer, and it's Pat Symonds who convinces them to change, in theory to avoid traffic when rejoining.

    No matter what happens, the one taking the biggest damage is Piquet Jr., his racing career (as driver and as anything else) is just over, if he crashed his car on propose he made the biggest mistake of his life.

  3. It doesn't matter what Alonso said on the radio. He started with very low fuel for his grid position. If this was not just Piquet Jr's doing, then Alonso too probably knew exactly what was going to happen.
    If Briatore/Renault get the blame, there's no reason why they would not spread it over.
  4. In my opinion, if this is all true, the greatest guilty is Briatore, if he asked some1 to do this he should be kicked out of F1. Nelson is guilty too but lets face it. You re a rookie on F1 and making an horrible season, then your team manager and carrer manager comes and ask you to do this, we cannot know for sure which reaction any1 can have on this situation. I think his carrer will continue but not on F1 but I cant wait to see Briatore out, F1 will be bether without him.
  5. yea, i can't stand briatore either.... i'll be roasting my popcorn over the flames of a man on fire....
  6. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Like many others in several GPs, specially if you don't have anything to loose like Renault had at that time.

    Also Piquet Jr. said before that he didn't know alonso being inside all this mess, if it was as you say why would Piquet Jr. protect Alonso at that time... now his fathers says "he had to know"... thats a guess, not a fact, he can be in same situation as most Renault crew that, as is proved by radio and Piquet declarations, most of race crew and engineers didn't know a word about it, and asked Piquet about the suspicious nature of the accident after the race (Piquet dixit.)

  7. I think this is already known in bigger forms in the F1 circuit itself.

    Wy do you think radio transmissions now are getting recorded... We all now have a nice inview on them.

    Nelsons career is over yes, you can now be sure off that. But man, what the hell is this lately with F1...

    Crashes on propose or on purpose are there for a long time... Senna vs Prost? Villeneuve?...
    That's what you get when you race for real on the absolute top...

    Fields are allways split between nice drivers (Mika hakkinen, Hamilton, Rubens,...) and not so nice (Villeneuve Jr, Schumacher,...)
  8. I also believe Alonso did know something.

    But Renault / Piquet are the ones who will pay for this.
  9. My point of view:

    First I believe Piquet, because it sounds all honest to me and its all comprehensible to me.

    Its insignificant if Alonso knew it or not... and even if he did, what should he do ??? If the Team give him the oportunity for a good result he will say ok. Alonso is born to win races. Nearly every F1 driver whoud do it... its to much $ in the sport they do everything to win.

    The FIA give Symonds immunity if he tolds all the truth. How things are standing now I think they behead Flavio for it. Renauld will dissociate hisself from Flavio... So they get only a low penalty $$$ for it. And all are happy. sure flavio not lol but as I said it some time ago he sould burn in hell for it :devil: You know who flavio is ? look at his biography... he escaped to the Caribbean not to be caged buy justice. Mafioso...

    I really have to disagree with a lot of you guys here saying Piquet destroyed his carreer, such an idiot... his motorsport career is over...
    In such a situation you can't really asking a human to be quiet ? Are you out of mind ??? I don't understand Piquet for saying it so late ! He should have done it emediatly... Searching evidence and blow up that ****ing bastards !!!!

    No human person has deserved it to be treated like they did with Piquet ! Why should another Team Manager not take Piquet ??? Because he says the truth ? I think he deserved another chance...
    If you are the Nr.2 from beginning what are you expecting ? If you are not happy in your Team for some reason nobody is driving fast... for giving 100% the "harmony" has to be ok and not beeing daunted by your own manager just befor the start... What are this crazy state of things.

    I think Piquet is to much good-natured, and persons like Mr. Briatore knows it and utilize it.
    I mean they want that he do a crash for the Team and he says: " ok if its the best for the Team, maybe they have then more confidence in me I do everything for the Team ". LOOOL so naive He should have shooten Alonso from track and then explaining why... Thats the answer they have deserved for asking a driver such a question !

    I don't want to attack here anyone, just my 2 cents... shure not very diplomatic :rotfl:
  10. I don't remember a single start in this F1 season where cars at the back of the grid were not loaded with fuel. It's got nothing to do with having nothing to lose; there is nothing to be gained. Such a fuel load obligates you to drive really fast during the first stint (e.g. be faster than your opposition by 3-4 seconds at the end of the stint). But, because of all that traffic, you may be only 1-2 seconds faster if at all.

    Of course if you knew about the SC, then you wouldn't care that you couldn't optimize that stint...

    I am pretty sure that the FIA regulations bind drivers to uphold the law as individuals (i.e. you're supposed to blow the whistle), so "my boss made me do it" won't save Alonso if they determine that he knew.
  11. Typicle...