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Alonso always pits twice for no reason

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jelliskapp, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. I just finished my 3rd race in career mode and alonso always pits twice in 20% races, for absolutely no reason... i have installed an ai mod but that`s not the problem. is there perhaps a mod who solves this problem? its really annoying
  2. Are you sure?

    In my second season I joined ferrari after beating massa, and alonso was always chomping at my rear and never pitted more than he had to.
  3. well.. my race engineer was sorta obsessed with alonso..
  4. In a 100% length race the other night using the True AI 1.4 mod, I witnessed Alonso pit twice.
    Today I did a different 100% length race using the True AI 1.3 mod and Alonso only pitted once.
  5. I had that in my first season with lotus, at spa, he kept saying "you are beating kubica push hard", and im thinking....wtf.

    My team mate was trulli, my rival was massa, so I thought minor bug, until he kept saying on every race after spa until season 2, either kubica signed for lotus next season or the engineer has an infatuation with kubica lol
  6. i can see love is in the air.. lolz..
  7. Alonso did that when I was racing Monaco in my second season. He was leading and I was second. I thought, there's no way I'm able to catch up on him, and then when I pass the pits going onto a new lap, I see him in there and all off a sudden I'm leading. Not complaining, I won because of it haha
  8. Same here, Alonso leading race (Singapore) , I am second (also in a Ferrari). A gap of 6 seconds that I can't close down. Then Alonso is pitting a second time.
  9. Now you come to mention it I have noticed my Pit engineer seem's to go on about Alonso a lot and also pit's a few times I hear ' Ferrari a readying for a pit stop.... It's Alonso ' sometimes 3 times in a race before any mods installed, not so much now. And I really dislike it when he says we can catch this guy, get in close and pass him on the straight' Who are we talking about exactly I say, the reason is because there is no one in front of me grrrrr. I had a pit bug the other day but during practice, he just stood there and did not move facing the wrong way so I ran over him, well through him as killing him is not possible, but I can dream. I now play with voice audio off and just see the little radio light come on and think ahhh silence is golden.....
  10. This game is fun. But I find myself in a Deja-vu feeling. A couple of years ago when I got back into the sim racing world after pursuing other things in life and I was playing GTR Evolution. It's a good game (GTR Evo), but try as I may I just could not get the AI to behave the way I wanted them to behave. Many of the challenges were related to getting the AI to behave on 3rd party tracks in 3rd party cars. Just when I thought I figured out how to control the AI in GTR Evolution, something would happen to remind myself there was still more work to do. But at least in GTR Evolution with all the faults of the AI, I knew I was racing cars around the track. I am not convinced we are actually racing cars in this game. I think in this game we are racing nothing but scripted events. As I said the game is fun. But there are things going on with this game's AI that just does not make sense and while the mod'ers try as they may to give us a better experience ... the fault is likely deeply embedded in Code Masters.

    I have only experienced the Alonso pitting twice scenario once. But I have tried numerous different mods and numerous different "database.bin" files and while I am NOT a Michael Schumacher fan or a Ferrari fan (so no real love lost), I just can't get Schumacher to finish races in this game ... oh and Barrichello seems to have an even harder time scoring points. It must be a Code Masters Ferrari conspiracy. LOL
  11. hahaha, yeah, conspiracy, it has to be something like that:D
  12. I'm waiting for one of these modders to find that engineer sound clip - "Fernando is faster than you".
    Bet it's in there :)
  13. haha..
  14. I get an awful lot of "Ferrari is readying someone for the pits" messages in this game and hardly any talk about McLaren, Red Bull, etc, etc, etc. We need a mod'er to swap the "Ferrari is readying someone for the pits" message with a "So ... Fernado is faster than you. Can you confirm you understood that message."
  15. I just had an incident at Korea where Vettel pitted twice. I'm in my 3rd season of a 3 season game and am driving for Red Bull. I had Pole and Vettel had qualified 2nd. I spun in the 3rd sector of lap 1 and Vettel got around me. I chased him down for a few laps until he pitted and I got back around him. Later in the race (around lap 17 of 22) the engineer said over the radio that Vettel was in the pits. I lapped him on lap 22 and he finished 22nd (2 DNFs). Also, Senna and Trulli finished in the top ten. No mods other than visual (hi res cars, weather and lighting, HD tires, etc).

    Just an interesting note...
  16. I re-started my career and have been using this http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-2010-mods/46649-download-database-2010s-records.html "database.bin" mod. It is not a mod for AI cars driving in front of you while they are in view. But it appears to give me more accurate race results using stats from the real 2010 season.

    I am only 5 races into the new career but so far the top teams are winning the races and the only other lower tier AI drivers to score points from Lotus, Virgin or HRT are Timo Glock with 2 points and Heikki Kovalainen with 1 point. The McLaren drivers lead the way followed closely by Red Bull. Ferrari is still in the hunt (Alonso has scored a lot more than Massa) with Renault (Kubica scored more than Petrov) and Mercedes (Rosberg scoring more than Schumacher) are all where one would expect them to be in the standings. I hope to do my Monaco race tonight and knock on wood this trend of the top teams leading the way will continue.

    But as usual I do have complaints about this game related to the spoofed AI. My race engineer sucks. He is constantly are telling me "Ferrari is readying someone to enter the pits" and often I am not even battling Ferrari (I am in a crappy HRT), he will tell me that the car behind me might pit soon, but he never tells me that they have pitted. He cost me a respectable race result in Malaysia when he told me too late that cars were starting to pit due to the rain (I had just started a new lap when he told me they were pitting and the track had all of a sudden become undriveable with slicks in the wet in that one lap). Either tell me when everyone is pitting or stop telling me an incomplete story. Some sort of HUD showing who is pitting would be good.

    Anyway that's my whine for the day, where is my cheese? LOL ... that database mod does not solve the alleged Alonso double pit scenario (though sometimes I wonder why Alonso ends up behind me in my crappy HRT car). But it has given me reasonably realistic top 10 race results so far (knock on wood).
  17. A lot of the extra pit's especially where it is not mentioned they are changing tyre's is down to either a penalty as they do have drive through's as I have witnessed both Petrov and Kubica do a pit lane penalty drive through during my pit stop's, also Alonso tend's to loose a lot of wing's and the AI pit to replace them if the damage is bad enough. Why the pit engineer does not tell you the reason is probably again due to them running out of time and not including this feature which should be properly addressed or disabled if they can't get it right for F1 2011. A correct text message scrolling across the bottom of the screen would be preferable to Rob the Knob and his incoherent rambling's, so I just disabled voice :D
  18. I get this alot, leaders pitting twice. EG vettel finishing the race 22nd. Cars like buemi and sutil, sometimes i think they never pit. As i was leading after a pit stop at silverstone. Before the stop both renaults were around 5 seconds behind. I finished the race 1st with buemi and sutil very close to me.
  19. I have to think that there is still a pit bug but not like we had before now it is a case of some cars pit a lot and some none at all. I think it is down to code and that there is a minimum set amount of pit's for the AI say at least 11 in a 20% but instead of the pit's being fed one at a time to the AI it just pick's a random AI to stop, hence more than one stopper and cheating no stopper's, my theory anyway !
  20. Alonso is my teammate and he qualifies always in the front row. But in the races he pit twice so he becomes mostly 10th or lower. Very annoying as he is the only one to put a real challenge on me in the race...