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All the British tracks.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Ryan Callan, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Woohooo! Finally found a site with all the BTCC tracks on - http://btcc.ucoz.ru/dir/

    Knockhill, Thruxton, Oulton Park..... *drool*

    I need my BTCC fix :) *gets out Vectra keys, programs satnav for Knockhill, Scotland*
  2. Yup - first thing I did was roll the Vectra into the crowd at the chicane. I'm happy to report that only 3 people died :D excluding me.
  3. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

  4. just to let you know that some if not all the tracks they list when I looked a few weeks ago had newer versions released else where....
  5. Which tracks? This was the only site I could find with Knockhill, Oulton, Croft and Thruxton for RACE/GTRe
  6. sorry, I just looked and they have updated the listings to include the later versions...
  7. Top find!!!!!!! cheers
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  9. Very nice...
  10. This is a really great find and it's nice to see all these in one place.

    I found the two Silverstone links were for the same file and gave me three versions: National, International and Sport. There's no map and the length shows 0.0 miles on the selection screen but they do work and race absolutely fine.

    Really good stuff.

  11. btcc

    e' quello che cercavo da tempo
  12. Excelllenttte find.

    I'd been looking for a few of these, bring on knock hill!

  13. nice find :)
  14. Only thing is the Thruxton version i have isnt very detailed at all and doesnt seem right when i drive it!
  15. Yah Thruxton is very bumpy, it's not THAT bumpy in real life. There isn't very much scenery IRL anyway Matthew, so you can't complain about that too much :)

    Knockhill is the disappointment for me on there. Not mega accurate and POOR graphics :(
  16. See i though Knockhill was alrite because ive never been! but ive been round thruxton several times! and it somehow doesnt seem right!
  17. Coming soon the new Silverstone! 2008 Version.
  18. Karl Dubois

    Karl Dubois

  19. Loool Karl. This was a thread linking to all the British tracks that are downloadable for GTR Evo :)

    Thanks for the info though! :D