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All process tutorial?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by E.Zelaieta, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. G' day,

    After trying to test diferent ways to get my BTB mesh into driveable RBR

    track, I choose the next procedure. I go to writte here, becouse I thinks, is

    important to share the personal (in my case) small knowledge to try doing

    more easyer the track design, creating and the exporting ...

    Here you've got!

    1 - Create the road and terrain mesh with BTB (Of course) and put down objects like trees, grass, phoneponeline, cows, stones,

    cones, all like you want from the diferent Xpacks ...

    2 - Export it to rFactor GMT, open 3DSimED and import all GMT meshes with

    Import as object option.

    3 - Now, You have your stage in 3DSimED, choose save as 3DS option and

    it's done. You need say to the software, you are interested in keep the

    texture cordinates (if you want).

    4 - My next step is, import into 3DS Max 7 and do all the modifications like

    you want, ad more objects, retexture with current mapped textures or

    remap whole track with original Tracktextureplateopaque.dds.

    5 - Attach all objects with same texture, for example:

    Tracktextureplateopaque.dds need contains all the driveable ground mesh

    like road asfalt/road/snow, grass, etc ...

    Do the same with trees, objects, etc and then, split with Wally's RBR

    Splitter (If the ground mesh is so big and it contains more polygons of the

    maximun posible in a mesh, you need split with this specified splitter)

    After that, export it into X - File format and start importing into Wallaby

    0.29 to start mapping surface physics, collisions, driveline, replay

    cameras, fences, putting objects like start area, finish line or marshall,

    birds animations, etc ... and export it to original LBS, COL, etc formats.

    Finished, that I think is the good day now a day to put a stage into RBR

    but is only my opinion :rotfl:

    No, I want ask to Gerbrez, Jay_P, Wixi or Lamda if they have some tutorial

    about all this entire progress to do it public, becouse im having some

    problems after export the X - File mesh from 3DS Max textured stage and

    exactly, when I import (for example) the road (one texture) in Wallaby 0.29

    like ground mesh! The mesh apeare white, nothing about texture ..

    say me something Wallaby exporters :victory:

    Under this lines, you can see the evolution introduced into Wallaby 0.29 from

    the 0.28 version :funnypost:

    Have a nice day.

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  2. It is all white because you don't have the right folder structure.

    This is what you want:


    Chech tutorial nuber 5. There is also a video.

  3. Thanks a lot for your "help" Berglez and Jay_P for his Mapping theme to.
    I apreciate so much, those video and writte tutorials :rotfl:
  4. if you have not the right groundmesh physics ingame after export (tarmac drives very slipy and you hear no squeal), you must reload the exported track to Wallaby. After reload the textures on groundmesh are clear white. Reload all textures and export again. Than all should work correct (physics and textures). The reason of that mistake is unknown.

  5. I try to create a simply mesh in BTB, then I save like 3DS via 3DSimED and I import it with 3DSMax 7. I retexture it with a simply

    Tracktextureplateopaque.dds for all ground mesh and with another Objectstextureplateopaque.dds for the objects like cones, etc ...

    Then I attach the objects which contains the same texture file and I export it to X - File.

    I try to import the ground mesh with the mesh importer option, he ask me for a new texture called Tracktextureplateopaque.dds (all

    right, for the moment)

    and when Wallaby import "Succesfully" the mesh, I can see something strange, it hasn't contain texture. The mesh is white ...

    If someone want my 3DS file to test it, what it can be the main problem, He only need ask me :victory:

    Have a good day.

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  6. have you reload all textures (and point to the right path).

    Second it can be that wallaby not import all textures during first import in wallaby you must confirm every texture file. if loading fail (or not), you see down at the status bar.
    (i look at your picture, the textureplate was not load)