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All of a sudden Default View doesn't work anymore

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Ton van Rijn, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. All of a sudden I have a strange issue with the camera view. No matter what Default View I set under Display in Options, I always start Race (or Practice and Qualifying) with the view behind my car, which is Swingman Camera as far as I understand (or am I wrong ?).Subsequently I have to change the view with the button or key assigned for that. Sometimes but not always, I see the "correct" (set as default) view on the small tv screen but as soon as I click the start button I always go to the external view.
    As I said, this happened all of a sudden. Before that everything was o.k. and as far as I know I didn't make any changes in the options.
    Do you have any idea what is wrong and how I can correct it ? Of course I can reinstall the game, but I assume that that would cost me an activation.
  2. Update:
    Although I still don't know what caused it, I solved it by deleting my Userdata folder and setting up everything again.
    But now I am missing something. Before I saw at the bottom of my screen my position and the lap I am in but now that is gone. I don't mean the LCD which is at the right side of the screen, which can be changed, but a separate one with only position and lap. How can I get that back ?
  3. Press the numbers on the top of your keyboard. That should turn HUD stuff on and off.
  4. Best thing to do is download GID and install it. Gives you all you need and more!
  5. Thanks.
    @Troy Barman:Key 4 did what I needed.
    @ Kevin Pheiffer:GID looks nice, but is a bit too much for me.