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All my grass and small trackside objects turned to lumps of smudged brown poo....

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ed_jza80, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. AGGHHHH this is giving me the sh!ts

    ive spent the last few solid days populating some sections of my track, quite heavily with small bushes and grass objects. if anyone knows what dense Australian bush looks like youll get the idea.

    now ive test run this 100's of times in rfactor, no issues.... until....

    i decided to introduce shadows and was trying different combinations of shadows from different main tress etc, and making some objects receive shadows (or not) etc. just trying to get the darkness/feel right...

    then Bam!, i made some random change to some shadow paramater in BTB, and suddenly the next time i load the track in rfactor ALL grass and small shrubs turned into big fat ugly lumps of brown poorly pixelated mush (most of these objects were small fine/delicate objects with transparancies etc, some grasses are so fine they'd normally look like hair).

    i didnt touch ANYTHING to do with any of the objects mitmaps or anything like that. i dont really know how to even if i wanted at this stage. all i was playing with was the shadow checkboxes.

    i thought, ok, maybe something to do with the application of a shadow, remove that... no change. remove all shadows and and make the objects as simnpe as possible. no change. delete the whole folder from rfactor, and export a fresh new track folder, nope, same. fiddle with GFx card, no change.

    WTF am i supposed to do with this now!!?? i cant go an manually delete and replace all of this, as a lot of it sits under bigger trees, and i bet you all know what thats like to edit. and theres 1000's of objects there. i really dont want to have to do the WHOLE lot again...

    did i somehow indirectly bugger up some parameter to do with these grasses etc? how do i fix it? its not like any of the transparancies/detail in the bigger trees has been lost, athts all fine, its just the eye-level of sh!t stain brown poo smudge that now lines most of my track... yay!


    thanks for your help fellas

  2. There should be multiple backups of your track's Venue.bin in the 'Temporary Files' folder. They have random names. That should enable you to go back to a version before the change.

    Rename one dated before your problem to 'venue.bin' and place it in your track folder. [Back up the existing one first of course.]
  3. ok,
    so this just happened again


    i mean it happens a fair bit i find, and usually i just go back, as above, and dig out an old venue.bin file and away we go

    HOWEVER, in the 24 hours ive been messing around with x packs. and no amount of digging up and ressurecting an old bin file is going to make BTB happy if youve not got the x-packs there its supposed to be looking for... which means in this instance i need to go back a full days work to a manual backup copy, and lose everything that ive done today.

    this is ridiculous.

    What on earth causes this texture fiasco!!??

    im at my wits end with this software nearly!
  4. hmmm. well now EVERY old version, every backup i can lay my hands on, every single copy ive got here exports out of BTB with these majorly screwed up textures... seriously im way over this... the only decent exported version of this track i have left is the last beta i uploaded (which funnily enough came from the same BTB files which now refuse to export with poo smudge texture.

    heres my FULL btb work folder below... the last one i knew was working, the same as it was when i exported my rfactor beta release.

    http://www.v-eight.com/multimedia/Parramatta Park 1952 GP 2 Mile Race Dept Release 2.rar

    if some kind soul could download this, open it in BTB, export to rfactor, and check it out?? please!? :) the screwed up textures are all over the place, but the easiest to find them will be in the trees immediately off the left of the start of turn 1...


    PS attachment below of one of the 'fine grass' textures thats been turned into a smear of ┬┤baby poo brown...

    Attached Files:

  5. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    What configuration do you use when it comes to the resolution and bits? The config exe is found in your rFactor map.
  6. ill have to go look, but i never change anything. this is entirely a moment to moment phenomenon

    and specifically what do you want to know about my config?



    1680 x 1050
    anti aliasing 3, 60hz refresh
    vsync on, widescreen ui on
  7. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    the blurry textures look a bit like some textures i use. Grass textures which get blurry when i use the wrong resolution/bits or some in program rfactor settings.

    It is more that i try to think about this problem. some ideas.

    Did you change the "receiving light" setting?
  8. but the thing is, those textures, yesterday, with exact same untouched settings, looked a million dollars. a fresh export out of BTB with other, completely unrelated changes, and bam! texture malfunction. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING done to those objects at all between exports.

    its happened more than a few times, but in the past, simply going back a few steps to an older venue.bin file, and re-exporting fixes the screw-up.
  9. "All my grass and small trackside objects turned to lumps of smudged brown poo...."

    " Who let the cows out????" :D

    Seriously.......I know exactly how you feel on this one - had an experience with my track a while back where i lost hours of hard work - Plus side was i think the project actually looks better now that the first time round.....

    Could it be that the items being of "fine hair-like" properties dont give off/recieve shadows at all well - just a thought!

    Good luck with sorting it out....may I say that the guys here are a VERY helpful bunch so you're in the right place for help...
  10. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    I downloaded the track and there is something really ****ed up with this track. i saw no roads, no textures or what so ever....
  11. w.t.f.
  12. Have you tried saving as a new project and/or exporting to a different venue?
  13. absolutely yes :)
  14. I loaded it up and exported to rFactor and everything looks fine.
    If I drop the texture settings in rFactor to medium they look like blobs.
    Check your graphics settings in game as somethings not right.
  15. ahh the good old blurry mipmap trick. Lower video settings make the textures go to a lower mipmap, if your using jpg or png there are no mipmaps. You need to use dds with different levels of mipmaps.
    Try this. Get gimp, find the dds plugin, save all your textures as dds with 9 levels of mipmaps. Dont worry about btb, just dump the dds in the track folder and delete any other texture that you made that isn't a dds

    All your tracks should be tested on the highest settings regardless of your system.
  16. but isnt everything pointing to .jpg or .png or whatever? id then have to go and manually redirect stuff to the .dds formats??

    and also (afterthought) that tree/grass is already a .dds... :confused:

    and the interesting thing is that i near NEVER change my graphics settings, theyre pretty well maxxed out, and these texture mush 'events' ONLY ever happen after some random export, and if i revert back to an old BIN file and reexport, then all's well.

    how does that make sense relating to graphics settings?

  17. I'm sorry, I have no idea what your problem could be.
  18. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Long shot, but......

    Open rFactor config, and check that your running the game in DX9, and not DX 7 or 8.
    I know you may not have changed it, but sometimes it can change if there have been changes to certain files.