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All in one pc

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Chris Cox, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. hi would an all in one pc with an i5 processor 8gb ram and 2gb Intel iris graphics run assetto corsa on medium settings
  2. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    Insufficient information Chris :p
    We would need the specs of the i5 processor (i5-4370k is a lot stronger than some i5-3100ish processor). This matters a whole lot.
    8 GB ram is sufficient.
    2GB Intel Iris graphics sounds very vague, we need more details on the model. (Just like information on a 2GB Radeon GPU is very vague. We need a model type like Radeon HD7990)
  3. I think it's sufficient to run AC on medium setting without AA, Iris graphics are somehow close to the Nvidia 740m for example so it should be fine if you run at 1920*1080.
    btw is that AIO are an Apple iMac 21.5 ?
  4. It's the Lenovo a540 23in all in one pc with the 4th gen i5-4258 cpu and Intel iris pro built in graphics
  5. ok should be fine with medium settings.

    EDIT : if you haven't bought it yet better to choose something builted for gaming, an AIO isn't the best choice at that price.

    EDIT 2 : just checked the AIO specification in Lenovo web site and its appear that you have NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 840A integrated within, so if you can confirm this AC shouldn't be a problem to run on it ( if you have already this pc ofc ).
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  6. like naliport says. better to build a pc instead of buying a system as a whole. when u build one u can choose specific components and u can save some money on things that are lesser used for gaming and invest that money in better components wich are gaming heavy like the GPU and CPU.
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  7. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Totaly agree on that
  8. Turk


    Don't buy an off the shelf PC, they tend to use low end parts or overcharge for the good parts.

    There are companies that sell parts and will put the PC together for you for a small fee. I've used a site called http://www.hardwareversand.de, good prices and they only charge something like €20 to assemble whatever parts you pick, I've never used the service though. If you're not in Germany you have to set up payment options it's not as easy as paying with a card.
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  9. i used alternate.be this is in dutch but i believe they have many subdivisions. where do u live. then i can get u the proper URL.
  10. Might be off topic but i cant find any related google info so decide to ask here.
    What if a cpu is not sufficient to run AC ?? What will happen actually ?? Thanks first
  11. U will get massive lag in best. But it could well crash your entire pc. If a cpu is not capable of running a game it means that the sources at their desposal are not enough to keep it going. So u will have lag deu to the fact that its taking much more computing power then it can output so somethings got to give and so everything going trough the cpu will get slowed down. And again thats the bestcase scenario. Most lightly the cpu can't handle the overwhelming information and will stop to work and your entire system will colapse and crash up forcing u to do a hard restart, this is something u don't want to happen as it can cause massive damage to the cpu.
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  12. Ok. So looks like my CPU is more & more having a hard time running this game cause i getting crash more & more often nowaday ..
    Also i getting more & more slower in term of lap time compare to others .. i wonder if it cause by the CPU not giving me accurate ffb or something in the real time. Cant process instantly all those ffb thing from game to wheel and back to game so i getting less detail or even late ffb ?? :rolleyes:
  13. Very serious. It could cause the central processing unit to go into overload and cause a plasma breach in the warp core. Highly dangerous situation. You might also cause the Dylithium crystals to go into a melt down. This can cause severe over heating in the warp core and eventually cause a small nuclear explosion.

    I say run your game at lower resolution and low details in order to prevent all of the above.

    Mid Pack Jack.
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