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Skins All cars HD - Update suzuka 1.0

All cars on 4096 px

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  1. images please
  2. Please Add Some ScreenShots In Game.... This is difficult To Choose If Download Or Not Your Mod M8. If you add some screenshots peoples can see your work and decide if download or not.. Thanks in advance m8 :)
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  3. viva españa:ninja:
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  4. Thanks for the screenshots
  5. I See you are Using my Tire Mod m8 ,,, Check this out not Realistic Tires ,,, But Real Tires all Cars;)
    article-2414881-1BAD5118000005DC-304_634x358.jpg 2013-10-12_00010.jpg 2013-10-12_00007.jpg 2013-10-12_00005.jpg
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  6. sorry, i fon't understand, this skins it's on level of ML HD?? or ML's job is better (without DHD) and ferari, mercedes e marussia, having change like weichai and blackberry sponsor added?? thanks!
  7. Does this mod affects the fps ?
    Thank you
  8. I don't know. maybe...:unsure:
  9. olé XD
  10. ML have it a 4096 & 8192 px, this skins are 4096 px
  11. Jajajaja y Fernando Alonsoooo!!jajaja
  12. Pero no hables español que nos sancionan.:p:p:roflmao::roflmao:
    Don't speack spanish which we penalize.:p:p:roflmao::roflmao:
  13. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Adrian is correct ...... this is an English only forum @jorgesbala . Please stick to the rules, thanks :)
  14. O.o I'm correct one time!!!!!
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  15. Alonso kann gerne an Vettels Auspuff schnuppern, das war es aber auch schon :)
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  16. Only english on topics, other languages only permitted in Via Private
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  17. Sorry :thumbsup:
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  18. Do you Play all Types of gameplay on Formula one m8 ,,, I am looking for a Team Member to Test out new and upcoming Projects and the Game is just too big for me I have not even had chance to play online as of yet;)
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