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All cars cockpit mirrors are nosecam view and not rearview.

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by BenRacin, May 17, 2015.

  1. So far I have not seen this in the forum. In cockpit view only on all original cars. The rearview mirror is looking forward as in nosecam view. I have also double checked that all files have been validated in steam. The camaro pic shows the mirror view backwards and in reverse. Anybody else have this issue.
    It has not always been this way. But I can not figure out where to alter the view of the mirror in cockpitview. Thanks for any help. Ben 2015-05-17_00001.jpg 2015-05-17_00002.jpg 2015-05-17_00002.jpg 2015-05-17_00001.jpg 2015-05-17_00001.jpg 2015-05-17_00002.jpg 2015-05-17_00001.jpg 2015-05-17_00002.jpg ckpit view only.

    Thanks Ben
  2. Sorry for all the pics. I only ment for 2 to show up.
  3. Gringo



    You can work around this issue by setting this player file flag to "0"

    "Moving Rearview="

    I am guessing that it is set to 1 or 3 right now. I cant tell you why this just became a problem for you, but give this a try.

    The problem is with the mirror definition of this and several other GSC vehicles.

    Cars that have the mirrors viewing the forward direction are caused by an incorrect mirror position. If the mirror position is defined behind the cockpit eyepoint (or maybe the 0,0,0 origin of the car model I am not sure which) then the mirrors will be "looking forward"
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  4. Thank you so much that fixed it!! Now I can see who is behind me.