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"All because the driver hates Pixelated Laptime Digits"

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by wabbithunta, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Is it just me or does anybody else have problems with the positions of the lap/split times on Marin Bay (Singapore)?

    Talk about a fekking nightmare of a view! It may well be different in cockpit mode, I've not tried that view out as I use the "camera view" from over the top of the helmet to race.
    Racing in Time Trial Mode.... not really a problem. But when you have at names with laptimes being posted there along with your team mate, and also your Rivals too....!! Not a fun view for about 5-10 seconds.
    So when I go through that left hand chicane in a race it tends to cause me problems, apart from the fact that cars come out of the pits in more or less the same spot too, you have to be alert, as the AI loves to sling cars racing out of the pits and put them right into your path. Despite the fact you could be on a flier and on the racing line too! I got penalised for an "illegal block" as Hammy came out of the pits.. and I was racing and behind Vettel (my "rival" for the season) and had to do a drive through penalty! Thanks a bunch!
    Not only having to contend with that issue, you could say that it's par for the course (or should that be car, and yeah I know... Bad Pun!), you have to contend with what could be called a "blindspot" as you go through that chicane at the start of a lap as your view of the left hand turn when the lap/split times are posted is restricted somewhat too.
    Not too bad if you are in the clear, ie no cars in front of you. A real pain in the bum if you are racing and you are trying to work your way through as they brake and manouvre in front of you etc and all you see is a lot of pixelated digits showing you race details.. I got wiped out on that corner as I couldn't really see what the hell was going on and got shunted and then rear ended Schumacher, and finished his race there in the same move.
    Still... it made me think of a certain race when he "took Hill out" on a corner in Adelaide '94? So do please correct me if I am wrong as I can't be bothered to look it up! lol My friends and I were in a pub before a footy match in London, at the top end of the Blackstock Road, watching that GP too and so when that happened the whole pub went mental too!

    Justice... finally delivered by lil ol' me!

    A few years too late and not even championship deciding, or real, but I did enjoy watching it over and over again on the replay! Even if it meant I was out of the race too!

    Still my "carbon-fibred pixelated" Lotus is made of strong stuff and will be back in the next race even if my Engineer Rob ('onest guv my name ain't Smedley) tells me... "That looked like a bad shunt mate.. let me know if you are ok"
    Details on screen of the crash stated the GForce was high, about 54G if i recall correctly, and that the car was totalled and "You can't carry on"
    Never! You don't say!
    I think to myself, "Oh well... On to the next race then", as I leave a pile of wrecked pixels on the track and do the short walk/trot back to the pits!

    "All because the driver hates Pixelated Laptime Digits" (obscuring his view)
    (with apologies to the Milk Tray ads)
  2. hmm
  3. dont think to hard lol
  4. I may have to post something else to illicit a better response then, maybe, or will that just be another... hmm from them? Still not one of my favourite tracks either.

    I love Spa Francorchamps.. especially when I play it in Grid, going around the track in reverse.. bloody good fun but scary as hell when you go through kemmel, raidillon and eau rouge, and sometimes into the barrier on the right there... and wipe the car out!

    Will that be worth a "hmm" .... or more?