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All aids of with Xbox Controller

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Dylan Hember, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. I want to be a racing driver when i grow up, i have already decided that i am going to get a racing license and try and get a drive in formula ford.

    I am about to switch all aids off, but is this a good idea seeing i am using a xbox contoller?

    And/Or do any of you do this and how do you get on
  2. Absolutely yes, switch off all assists esspecially if you want to be a racing driver.

    Ive got a steering wheel but never had a problem with an xbox controller before switching over.
  3. I am running no aids with xbox controller on pc and I am actually slower, however judging how much throttle to apply coming out of corners is my biggest weakness and is probably making me slow.
  4. I used analogue contoller on pc with no assists and failed. Now i have a wheel im much better without assists. I know some are great with controllers but everyone is different. Ive got the hang of things in about a week but still make mistakes.
  5. I also use an xbox360 controller and sometimes a steering wheel. The way i see it, If you can not position yourself correctly in front of the steering wheel then use the controller. Just set it up in the way you like and have fun.
  6. Me too I use a 360 controller with pc, and find it no problem at all throttle control is okay once you set it up to your liking in the controller setup menu ! I now drive with no aid's and find it very good, although I do want to upgrade to a wheel for driving games.
  7. You mean deadzones etc? I havent touched them....maybe thats half my problem?
  8. Yeah you should have a look at them and find a setup you are happy with it can make all the difference to the spin out problem of to much throttle at once.
  9. can you pm a bit of advice regarding them? I am not entire sure which I should change and to what values, seen as you use the same controller, you would be the best person to ask.
  10. Your best bet is to just learn the tracks off by heart and your braking points, you don't have as much flexibility with a controller as with pedals as you can't be as precise, so if you are struggling to find the perfect 75% coming out of a corner it is easier to just tap the trigger in and out and once your in the right direction and stable gun it.

    Good Luck
  11. I have some problems driving with Traction Control turned off completely (using XBOX360 controller @ PC), does anybody has some advice / some good settings for the controller?
    My main concern is the non-linear behaviour of the throttle trigger, the first half of the way gives you like 25% throttle, the 2nd half gives the other 75%, so going through a corner where you stay on the throttle a little, you just fling yout finger a little bit and --> spinning :(

    Sorry for the english, hating German as native language -.-'