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Aliases- do you use one?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Dan Coldrick, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Do you guys have an alias for public severs? :question:

    I personally do as some of my mates (2 are currently saving for a G25 and Evo to come play with us, obviously with a little more practice offline!) come round and play evo with me (they're loving my G25) but they struggle without the experience and normally end up crashing (sometimes into peeps which doesn't look good for my account). Thats why I have an alias. :behindsofa:

    I'll make a list of aliases if you guys want so we know who people are if they are on public's and use an alias.

    I'll start:

    Dan Coldrick: Monkmachine
  2. Neil Tennant

    Neil Tennant
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    One account. All u really need unless u go rouge :)
  3. I use my name so people if i crahs peopl from here can tell me off lol
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Only one account for me as well, no need for a nickname
  5. Only one account here too - i don't usually race on public servers :)
  6. Looks like its just me :(

    At least its a valid reason.
  7. I do have a username for public servers.. Just not used all to often.
  8. I do use a alias and I think I accidentally came onto an RD server with it once so I was outed there. :p
    I admit I am rougher with my driving on public servers with more aggressive defending but never wrecking/pushing off track.
  9. Lewis, dito mate, I used to use a alias, but forgot to change it one day on RD, and I have deleted it now, its too much hassle to keep changing it, or I just dumbass forget. Its nice on public servers to win (or near win) and people to say my name!!!

    Say my name Biatch....
  10. I always use an alias on public

    Dont really race that much on proper servers, a little boring for me

    I like the rough and smooth of publics! In reality you dont get too many wrencers on 07 servers now, used on GT Legends for some reason, maybe coz of Steam?

    What you do get on public are badly set up servers that have awful lag!! Thats annoying

    And the usual hotlappers, aliens etc, surely public should be aboue quick race, move on!!

    Thats what I would try and do anyway, if i had enough cap to run one!
  11. Anyone want to post their alias names? I can add them to my list?
  12. I used to use a few with toca basically because of the ranking system because when you crept to high you often had a job getting a race, in gtr2 i used to race with several tags, mostly blootoon, all-fooked-up & [FO]AFU, but since racing here i now just use my proper name.
  13. don't think most of us have an alias man..maybe a few, but that's about it. no alias for me
  14. I never had an alias in racing games, except in TDU:)
  15. Just thought there might be a few who do.

    Do any of you guys let friends play on your account? Like I said in the OP 2 friends are currently saving for a G25 and GTR-E just because they played round mine.
  16. not a chance. my reputation is mine and i can't be bothered to have someone blow it, even if it is by accident.
  17. But what about the chance they will like it (hence the alias) and end up racing with you? Every friend who has come round and had a go has loved playing with a couple looking to start playing with us soon (I personally can't wait to race my mates!) :victory:
  18. let em use your alias! if i have a mate over, i'll change my plr profile name to whatever they like, then change it back when i step behind the wheel
  19. Delete this post please... stupid Tab key... :pissed-off:
  20. I've got two profiles stored in Evo: My real name (Rhys Gardiner :p), for RD races, and holdenss06, for offline practice (replays disabled to save disk space), the Presto GP F3000 League and public racing. However, I don't really race on the public servers anymore. RD is too much fun. :D

    Whenever I need to practice or drive in a Presto GP race, I simply switch profiles.