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Tracks Algarve International Circuit 2.6

Assetto Corsa Algarve International Circuit 2.0 Tiago Lima

  1. Tiago Lima submitted a new resource:

    Algarve International Circuit - Assetto Corsa Algarve International Circuit Tiago Lima

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  2. Challenging and fun - good quality and good fps.

    The Track map needs realignment and size arrangement.
  3. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    Great track, easily my favorite modern circuit! Thanks for this. I do have one question, though. There seems to be a bump (right after turn 10, based on this map which is slightly different than yours) that's really dangerous for open-wheel cars. Is that how it's supposed to be?

    edit: two other things I noticed comparing your track to the ones in GSCE and R3E: the downhill towards turn 6 is much more steep in your version (which I like), but the approach to turn 13 is much more blind in your version (which I don't like). Again, I have no idea how the real-life track actually is, but just wanted to point out these discrepancies. Great work!
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  5. kcheeb

    Tuning? I'm so confused ... Premium Member

    Nice track, well done.

    One issue I stumbled on in the pit lane (don't ask how I found it :whistling:), if you're driving on the right of the small rise (blueish area), there's a very rough section around the 4th to 7th pit stall back from pit exit.

    If you drive there you end up getting reset to your pit stall or end up in a vortex you have to Escape out of. I know there's no reason to be driving there, but if someone gets a pit stall lined up with that area, could get frustrating getting on track.

    Cheers and thanks for the track, nice challenge.
  6. Oddly enough Turn 13 is the one corner i find odd on this track. It's as you say blind, and it seems to not straighten out before the corner itself - one continuous left hander from Turn 12.
    The track everywhere else i would say is more true to life than SimBin's effort.

    See this vid for the real version.
  7. Absolutely love this track!

    An issue i stumbled upon is when you do race weekend, there is a pit box that has a hole in front of it so one car or more will drop into the void not lapping rounds so it's impossible to skip to the next session after a couple of laps..

    Also the corner @1:43 sec in the video above needs to be reworked, it's clearly not blind, on the other hand it's very challenging this way, maybe they should change the real track instead of this one ;)
  8. Tiago , you can make the circuit map ¿'¿¿¿
  9. high conversion, but it has a bug in the box, the car floating in the air
  10. ahah Funny :) that someone postedh here , im currently reconverting this track hopefully it will be better :)
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  11. excellent Tiago , when the circuit upgrade , which includes ???
  12. It includes hours hours hours and hours trying to improve it , manly textures trees 3d grass texture more beta testing before releasing etc etc fingers crossed ... :)

    ksEditor_2015_12_07_17_14_05_944.jpg ksEditor_2015_12_07_16_37_31_872.jpg
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  14. Tiago Lima updated Algarve International Circuit with a new update entry:

    Version 2.0 Completelly Re-done

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  15. Excellent news that you're improving your circuits - thanks Tiago.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2015
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  16. Tiago in online within the signal box "Pit" is lying, you can fix it ?.
    You have to look hard to know where your box.
    Again thank you very much for your time, the circuit is amazing.
  17. tilted Pit Box

  18. This will be fixed on the next hot fixes :) !! thank you for checking