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Alfa Romeo Giulietta @ Magione

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Alvaro Sanchez, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Im so bad:(Im searching a setup for that that you see on the title.Thanks forever for who will make it or give it:)
  2. Martin Maaskant

    Martin Maaskant

    To get gold I brought the tire pressure down by 10 and set a fuel load of 10 litres. Also brought the ARB down 1 notch.

    BTW I'm really bad on making setups and I'm also not an alien driver. But then again this setting brought me the gold setting so it should work out.
  3. I've tried to lower the pressure tire too, but front left tire overheat in 2 lap for me, and loose grip fast.
  4. I think the trick is to start with slow laps and improve lap by lap. Even if you have time near the checkpoints slow down and you will get it done.
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  5. Thx for the trick, tomorrow I try.
  6. Hi, I wanted to thank both Imen and Martin; I found this topic on the web and I managed to complete this time attack!! I lowered the pressure to 20 psi in the front and to just 30 on rear. I also tried to go not too fast in the first 2 laps, decelerating just before a checkpoint if I had 3-2 seconds of advantage. Thanks again ;)
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  7. Martin Maaskant

    Martin Maaskant

    On this track you easily overdrive the car.
  8. I'm a total setup noob, but this setup got me the best result I've had this far (only silver, but I know I could get it to gold with better driving).

    Basically just kicked the front pressures down, put the rear toe up so I could brake later without lockups, rear negative camber up for higher temps and front negative camber down to keep them a bit cooler.

    I'm sure it's not the best. Ultimately it really is down to just not overdriving.

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  9. Thanks !
  10. Where does that .ini file go please?
  11. @Dave Wilson Just paste the *.ini (setup file) in your documens folder of assetto corsa (car and track folder). In this case it will be: "Documents\Assetto Corsa\setups\alfa_romeo_giulietta_qv\magione"
  12. Thanks very much.
    I dislike the 'new' file system on Win8 (and some previous versions) which make it "easier" to find documents. However I think it's just harder. Bring back the good old simple directories :)
  13. I've been struggling with this, too. I don't know anything about setting up a car but this adjustments made it for me. Easy on the first lap, keep pushing on the rest. Even full throttle on corners.
    670* rotation, ABS set on factory, fuel wear 'off'.
    Tyres = 30 front / 31 rear
    Front toe = 7
  14. John Grant

    John Grant
    Dont Rub me up the wrong way

    I have this folder in my setups folder, yet opening it --- there is nothing
  15. Hy @John Grant , If the folder is empty it means you don't have any setup for that car\track combo. Just start AC in that car track combo and create a setup with the suggestion we gave and it will show a new file *.ini on that folder. If you download the setup posted above just paste it on the folder I indicated.
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  16. Thank you all for the setups, any time I try to setup my car I only seem to get slower so having a good setup allows me to be competitive which is way more FUN!!.
  17. Dux


    I started the career mode and coming with this particular car and track, i cannot better 1:32.3 with my own thing.
    Putting the things you say guys, they dont work at all. PSI 10lower on fronts and rear as much as 30 and so on. And, where do you see ARB in the setup because clearly there isn't one. I cannot bother to play with the setup on this car and track, its so slow and not fun at all, can someone give me a hint and just jump this course with the gold medal?
  18. The advice in this thread is very old and probably not relevant at all anymore. I can't help you with the car unfortunately. But these posts were made before some major updates and changes to the car and the sim in general.