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Alfa Romeo 156 2007 - Istanbul 06

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Setups' started by Bram, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    For Gareth :D

    If this version doesnt fit try setting the Diff at 40/40/1 or 40/40/4. Try adjusting the brakebias as much as possible to the rear. If you can drive it 50/50 you are quicker!

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  2. Thanks for this, Bram.

    I would like to try the alfa more, so this will get me started. Thanks for sharing.
  3. :D ah Bram, thanks dude. I will try this one out, i liked that Monza one, been testing further and does seem to fit my driving style, so i hope this will too. Also going to take a look into you choices you make between the track type to see if i can make good ones for other tracks :).

    Mucho appreciated, i hope i can get this slippery car competitive :), Maybe i should have a logo 'Hengeveld Race Tuning' on my custom race car , give credit where its due.
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  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Remove all toe's on the alfa (front and rear) that worked for me pretty well in Race 06 with the alfa
  5. im doing about an hour in each car round instanbul, and when i make a time faster than a sim bin setup on lacetti, i'll tweak the lacetti, beat the alpha time, then try again. i still got a few seconds to make before the number 1 spot on the lap downloads.
    toe in advice seems to be working, quite surprised how much coast diff came on your setup (70%) i was running 40%/50%/5 on my setups which i found a good general setting. yours does seem good though. my anti roll bar i was running was very close to yours, switching to yours i noticed very slight gain.
    i noticed something though, i seem to drive the alpha better when it has a few laps of fuel in. strange that, maybe it affects the balance to rear?.
    tried 50/50 brakes, seems good, will need to test that on a 12 lap race tho, see what the wear is like, im locking 1 rear all the time. i did run R30/F70 before, because the tail was coming round as im a really late braker, in fact im normally enterring fastest i can and braking right into the apex for nearly all turns, or im braking very early for a fast exit to a straight. thats why im concerned about the rear wear. just in case the side that isnt locking doesnt have grip after a few laps.

    update: grrr, i jump in lacetti, 6 laps of consistent 0.500 second improvements until ... 1.2 seconds faster than my alpha,... this aint fair :( i stop driving the lacetti for a moment to save the alphas face. in the alpha each lap my times all seem to be within a very consistent 0.01 seconds of each other, im just not finding those whole seconds and not improving anymore!. The setup you gave out Bram is a little better than mine tho, managed about half a second faster consistently. that lacetti seems to just stick to the road like glue in comparison, and i aint even tweaked it yet.
  6. Gareth try this one.

    I managed mid 205's in it numerous laps. (which is fast for me) and am often getting quicker split times but then make a mistake. I have my steering lock at 17, you may need to change that.
    I couldn't drive Bram's very well but that is just me i am sure. For me it felt like a lot of understeer, Also that time is in normal qualy's online, I haven't tried it yet in time attack.
    OOPS, spelled alfa wrong in my title, Oh well what next.

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  7. Thanks Will

    :thumb: 2.05 is what im aiming for, my best i think was 2.06.577 in lacetti, and 2.07.455 in Alpha on Brams setup.
    Also when i was playing around in BMW i find im getting faster with that and found a new line into turn 1 that cuts around a half second off, trouble is i keep crashing the BM, so is not worth me racing that hehe.

    thank again Will. :D trying it out now...

    btw nice mountain bike picture i do that too :) was in downhill southern champs many years ago :)
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I did 2:04 with my own setup for istanbul in Race 06 last year. So with the new cars a low 2.04 should be possible
  9. Bram,
    I am just not used to your setup I am sure. That, and I don't really know how to go fast. I will give it some practice and see what happens.:thumb:
  10. Yes it is fun, especially downhill. I live not far from British Columbia (Canada) were they have lots of lift access. I still ride uphill though, it keeps me skinny.:D
  11. hehe, lucky for some, i have to travel for 1 hour in the car to find some small hills. (small compared to yours). i've got a bit lardy from too much puter, but im making a comeback this year, gonna do a full day ride tommorow 8+ hours (cross country, i was also a whippet ;D ). did do the french alps on ski lifts, les arcs, pyrenees and andalucia. all great places to ride and many mad memories were made :)

    back to topic... tried you setup but still putting in same times as brams setup. maybe its the way im driving it. Overall tho, across all tracks, i'm equal best in either Alpha or Lacetti. Will try downloading some TT laps to see where im losing the seconds.
  12. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    My setup

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