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Automobilista Racing Club (LIVE))

Helmets Alex Yoong Helmet 1.0

Done on Request

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  1. nice one,gerald!
  2. im really like ,can you do this helmet with change the proton name to ferrari visor, like alonso or massa ,coz i want to use it with ferrari team ,soooooooo amazing thankss,really appreciate ..
  3. So just the visor, none of other sponsors, right.
  4. thats right
  5. Haaaa the real time, driver took one helmet design for their career and not just one race :)

    Shame to Vettel lol
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  6. cann't make sauber please?
  7. so how about helmet that i request, just change the visor ??
  8. Soon.
  9. Dude, this is great.......thanks because do my request.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2013