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Helmets Alex Lynn-Williams helmet 1.0

The Williams test driver - Alex Lynn

  1. I cannot open these helmets in ERP editor, do you have the tga files for F1 2014?
  2. You want the helmet for 2014 ? I can make it for 2014 if you want :D
  3. I'd love it! I will be very thankful, man! :D
    You work is amazing
    Will you do all the young drivers' helmets from Silverstone test?
  4. Well.. i dont know. i will see if i can do anyone. For Lynn's helmet.. Do you want it as a career helmet, or do you want it replacing a driver ?
  5. I want to replace driver... I will add Alex Lynn in second season of my own mod, with alternate drivers.
  6. Which driver do you want to replace ?
  7. I will replace Bottas
  8. can you send me the dds/tga file too? :rolleyes: I'll use the PSSG Editor to put it where I prefer