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Akihabara Autocourse

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Eduardo Gonzalez, May 24, 2010.

  1. For anyone interested in creating it for rFactor, let me know:

    The Akihabara Autocourse is a fictional street circuit directly at the electronics district of the same name in Tokyo, Japan, being the longest in existence. With a length of 3 miles/ 4.83 Km (In accordance with Google Earth's measurements) This track is highly characterised with very long straights, but most of it are located on the widest of all streets, making overtaking virtually impossible. Covering every available aspect of the district, is a perfect place for all otaku as well as tourists from all four corners of the globe to watch the race when sightseeing, or genreal shopping, because it's well known strategic points are around vast stores, as well as certain maid cafes, general attractions, and more.


    Keep that in mind that the blue line is the pitlane, unless counterloacted otherwise:


    the .kml file of the track (without the pitlane) is here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S3ROI350
  2. Ouch!! Way too complicated layout, imho.

    This will probably end up taking you YEARS. (Not kidding there. Making good tracks costs Huge Amounts of Time, usually.)
    You may want to take a long hard look at Raceking's GZ Street GP, which has something similar, and then contemplate the number of hours he might have had to put into that to get such results.

    "For anyone interested in creating this for rFactor": That would be you, yourself. Unless an outright miracle happens, no-one is going to make it for you.

    I would start of with something way simpler, like the Akiba Short Circuit to get a feel for things, of about 1/3rd the length of what you have in mind there. That may be manageable, especially if this will be your first track to make.
  3. But with an .kml file i created from Google Earth, all that time you take in creating it from scratch will be reduced dramatically, simply for tweak-ins. Give it a shot. You'll know you've saved an incredible amount of time on starting it from scratch, all inside this zip file i uploaded.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to BTB, i'm skill-less, time commitments at it's fierce intensity, (In creating tracks and spotting irregularities), and such monetary waste could make track building on BTB a stressful chaos on my POV.

    If you're looking for models to emulate the akiba atmosphere for racing, one good place to look around is the google sketchup 3d gallery, rather than blowing your head off in designing them from scratch
  4. Well, unless you do it yourself, the chances of this track appearing are pretty much slim and nun.
    Just like the 8346 other tracks people ask others each and every week to make for them (as if other people would have unlimited time...).

    Like I said, unless an outright miracle happens, no-one is going to make it for you. It's that simple.
  5. oh well
  6. Most of the time would be spent making all the textures and models for the buildings. You could do that yourself with google sketchup. If you made all the buildings it would be a lot easier for someone to build the track
  7. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    I am working on the basic layout atm. But it is going to be a very slow circuit.
  8. From 26 to 40 corner layout looks good. I think, you should do that part of your track. Pitlane at straight 39-40.
  9. FYI: The premade ones are right there: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/search?q=Akihabara&styp=m
  10. Whats the copyright on those? I couldn't find any links to anything regarding the right to use it
  11. Look at the bottom of each one when you open it
  12. I just made a quick, dirty sketch of your ├╝ber-fast supertrack that you seem to "promote" here. now you can drive your layout (in gtr evo btw).
    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U527J9JR hope this time megaupload wont fool me again with errors like tha file was not there... it is.
  13. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    I managed a 3:29min at the 3.83km track with the NAGT 1.4 mod. I only used the first 3 gears.
  14. i use some from google sketchup, i don't think there any rights on them, but a authors mention in the credits wouldn't go a miss.