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Skins AK_LaFerrari 6.1

Some LaFerrari skins I made based on online photos and data

  1. Abilio_KID submitted a new resource:

    AK_LaFerrari - Some LaFerrari skins I made based on online photos and data

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  2. Please remember I'm not an artist or anything like that. I'm simply making liveries to pratice and learn some tools. If by any chance I'm using other artists data without their consent, my apologies and I'll remove it if necessary.
    Thanks everyone for your comments.
  3. I can´t open the .rar file with 7Zip, anyone else has this problem?

    The skins look really nice from the previews!
  4. The file was compressed using RAR5. I also have 7zip (v16.02) and it opens fine (I downloaded it to make sure). If anyone else is having the same problem, even after re-downloading, please let me know.
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  5. Thanks for your reply, I have downloaded and installed a different programm "RAR File Open Knife" which worked and unpacked the files. Need to look at my 7Zip install than. Thanks again, anyway, going to test drive the pack now!
  6. Police is written the wrong way round at the front of the car in the new update.
  7. The liveries (in version 2.0) are almost 2GB in size uncompressed and contain basically all of the textures of the car. Please don't include all those textures not needed for the liveries in the future.
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  8. Abilio_KID updated AK_LaFerrari with a new update entry:

    Reduced file size and corrected a missing file.

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  9. I had decided to do it this way so people would simply overwrite files and be done with it. However, I did as you prefer but don't forget it's 41 liveries and they do take up some space...
  10. Yes, but you only need to include textures that change something and are important for your liveries. By deleting all the glass, dirt, brake disk, etc. textures that change nothing on the car I already had the files curbed down by over a gigabyte. I'm not complaining and it's not that I mind that liveries take up space. Your liveries are great btw. I'm just politely pointing out that you might want to update it because you're redistributing packed textures, which you don't even need for the liveries and just waste space. Maybe RAM too. Either way, keep it up.
  11. The extra files aren't necessary. Of course. The purpose was to "force" the user to replace all textures. For example: let's supose v1.1 had 3 textures but then I changed something in v2.0 and I didn't need 1 of those textures. If the user simply overwrote everything, some files would be incorrect (messing with the new livery version, for ex.) or, if Kunos had changed one default texture (like the red metail detail) to something else, then the car would not look the same again.
    Either way, I concluded it's best to only pack the needed files, like you said. I just need to ask people to delete any previous version.
    If something gets changed in LaFerrari car (by Kunos), I'll try to adjust the liveries:)
  12. Abilio_KID updated AK_LaFerrari with a new update entry:

    Fixes, new carbon fiber, new tires, 3 new cars

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  13. Just a note to everyone in general: The skins I made were based on data found online (either real cars or art made by other people). In no way have I "converted" a skin from another game to Assetto Corsa by copying or "stealing" without permission. For example: today I found a website with a skin for "Trackmania Forever", just like the picture daubster posted in this topic. I had no idea it had been made already (but not for Assetto Corsa anyway). Basically, I do my thing without checking 100% if it was done already (but I do try to though).
    If anyone knows of a cool skin (real car or artistic one not made for the game yet), please let me know and I'll try to make it.
  14. I can't unzip it. edit: oops, old version of 7zip.