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AIW issue with BTB and ISI AIW Editor

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Brian Johnson, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I am working on a track that has a pit road on the outside of the track, the pit entrance is in turn one and the pit exit is in the middle of the backstretch. I have tried setting up the AIW in BTB and also with the ISI AIW Editor and I get the same issue both times. On the initial starting formation lap when the pace car goes to pull off the track it stops and disappears, after disappearing it reappears in its parking spot and then comes straight out onto the track and cuts across the grass to the pit entrance in turn 1 and then goes back to it parking spot and stays there. When a full course caution comes out the pace car comes out onto the track and immediately exits the track and drives along pit road and returns to the track, when its time for the pace car to pull off it stops again on track and disappears, the pace car then reappears in its parking spot, but the game tells everyone to stay behind the pace car and the game will not give the green flag and disqualifies everyone. This has been tested multiple times with the pace car's parking space in different locations and the entire AIW has been remade multiple times and the same result is given. Anyone know what could be causing this very odd issue?
  2. I'm puzzled. You say the pit entrance is in turn one and the pit exit is in the middle of the backstretch, so where's the start/finish line?
    Normally the start/finish is after the pit entrance and before the pit exit. I don't know for sure, as I've never used pace cars with my tracks, but it's possible that if the start/finish is not in the place rFactor would expect it that that is what is confusing the pace car.
  3. A lot of my tracks are setup the same way with the pit road and this is the only one with issues. When the pace car stops on the track it appears to be stopping in the exact spot where the pit road driving line connects to the driving lines on the track, I worked on it in BTB and using the ISI AIW Editor and everything looks like it should, but for some reason the issue keeps happening.