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Tracks AIW Fix for Toronto 2007 1.0

Improved AI for IDT Simulations Toronto 07 Circuit

  1. Keith Windsor submitted a new resource:

    AIW Fix for Toronto 2007 - Improved AI for IDT Simulations Toronto 07 Circuit

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  2. just tried in rfactor. worked flawlessly! thx keith. if i may, could u consider updating any addon f1 tracks? slowly we might have a 2014 track pack for the extremes
  3. Yes the aim is to build an F1 season for the Extremes, and if I can get the Extremes running ok on a track, then it should hopefully work just as well for any open wheeler.

    I have done AbuDhabi which also works fine, but I got my filing system in a mess & cannot remember what the original track version was! doh.

    I search for all versions, then spend time driving them & watching the AI paths in GSC. Then I fix the best one(s) using rFactor editors.
    AbuDhabi was one of the first I did, I remember the AI were taking too much kerb & sometimes spinning, & even rolling over at one point, & also hitting the wall under the pit tunnel. A soon as I work out which track it belongs with I will upload it.

    I'm working on a few at the moment but next to be ready is likely to be Barcelona DRS - the AI in this track look pretty good at first, but when you actually get into a race, you find they almost all crash into the wall as they enter for their first pitstop. Also they regularly spin out as they ride the kerbs through turns 7/8/9 onto the back straight.