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Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by bito.65, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Hi, what do you think of 'AI?
    For me it needs a patch, you collides continuously and it is faster than you, if you do not move, you throw out without ceremony, also seeks to overtake in areas that in reality would not be possible if the front does not make you pass, but because, if they are in front, even slower, should it pass?
  2. If you feel that the AI is too fast for you you might want to consider turning down the difficulty level.
  3. If he is on PC, then there is a definite bug introduced in the 20/08/15 patch that has screwed up the AI.
  4. I thought there was a bug after the patch too... but Pascal is right ... if you are too slow on the racing line you will get shunted, so either get faster, get out of the way, or turn the difficulty level down. The AI are pretty aggressive now, so you need to be capable at the level you are on...
  5. Try practice and qualifying and watch the AI especially when they are close together. I didn't think they could get any more demented but since patch 6 they've got worse.
  6. What exactly do they do that makes you believe they are worse ?
  7. as I said above watch them in practice and qualifying, an AI behind another AI car just gets in its slipstream and just runs into the back of it nudging them in slow corners and in high speed corners its just carnage. Just do a full qualifying and see.
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  8. Incredible, you can not make a clean start, although parts from pole, you always bad parts, while the 'AI always starts rocket and throws you off at the first corner.
    Never seen AI made so bad, either RF, which does not have a 'AI is so outrageous, I preferred the 14, were less aggressive and do not jostled ever, dubbed moved to let you go, now you do not even move their .
    We hope for a patch, if it is not to trash.
  9. Oh is that how it is supposed to work? I just finished watching the Belgian GP and they seemed to be going around the slower car and when Hamilton, Rosberg etc were passing, it was to the inside or the outside, not through them. To say get faster, get out of the way, or turn the difficulty down is absolutely rediculous. You get out of the way if you are under a blue flag, other than that, an advance in position has to be earned legally, i.e. By the rules.
  10. Dick is right, Spa departing, I pole, their start, as usual, rocket, I all to 'external for not being buffered, you destroy yourself to 4 times, this scandalous AI, never seen anything so , Codemasters must do something, we are in Formula 1, not in Nascar, ridiculous.
  11. [OT] Touching an other car in NASCAR very often results in a Caution, so it's basically a no-contact-sport, too unless one is unable to handle the car. The F1 AI touches you much more often than the AI in Nascar games ;-)[/OT]
  12. I noticed that medium difficulty is to easy and hard to difficult.
    AI always strip you from winning a race. AI will drive into ME and I will get a warning and I have never seen a front wing breaking off
  13. On medium difficulty I will sit on pole with a 3 second lead.
    On hard difficulty I would qualify 7th in Q3 and 5 seconds off the pace
    Come race day...well, will finish like 14th:sneaky:
  14. I think the CM programmers think it's a joke that the AI can ram you and not get the penalty but you do!
  15. Yep, same procedure as every year. And on each track the AI is differently strong, so jumping between mid and hard really kills the fun.
    I always edited the difficulties so to have steps between the given ones but this year ... I feel back playing F1 2012 on xbox 360, too easy or too hard.
  16. I think the best thing to do is practice until you can compete at a higher degree of difficulty... It may seem like a chore but now they have reintroduced all three practice sessions you have time to do it within the GP weekend...

    It took me a while but eventually I became very quick and now have epic quali/races on legend mode with the AI (some tracks that I know well I'm way too fast which makes it a bit boring so I limit my fuel to lean unless my race gets compromised) ...

    Gradually start turning assists off and you'll get to a point where you are fighting wheel to wheel with some of the best AI (F1 2015) in any racing game...

    Be patient, learn the tracks, braking points and crucially the AI behaviour and you will get there :ninja:
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  17. I think you are missing the point. You should not have to be the best and the fastest on the track to avoid being bashed around by your opponents.

    here is a clip by a reviewer who apparently knows Formula One and how to drive:

    The AI in F1 2015 is very aggressive, to the point of being a complete farce. For example, other drivers will regularly position their front wing into your rear tyres, slam into your sidepod or make dangerous manoeuvres. In fact, I can’t remember completing a race without being hit by an AI vehicle. Frankly, it ruins the racing and forces you to restart races over and over again. It’s staggering how basic the AI is because they clumsily try a move on a section of track without overtaking room, instead of remaining in the slipstream and out-braking on the next corner. Thankfully, it’s not completely terrible, as AI cars tend to overtake each other and fight for position. Additionally, they never give up a place and try to overtake back on their line. It’s just unfortunate that the balance is wrong and doesn’t reflect the delicate nature of F1 cars.
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  18. lol go back and play F12014 with it's famously crap AI then...

    Adapt to the AI in the game or don't.

    Once you know how to race the AI in F12015 you will have much better wheel to wheel racing compared to all other F1 games in the series. It's a massive step up in behaviour and delivers some of the best wheel to wheel racing that I've ever encountered.

    It's not perfect, there are bugs and issues that desperately need work but the AI at its core, for the most part, is frankly head and shoulders above all other games in the codemasters F1 series.
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  19. But you would think that after the Race Driver series, Dirt, Grid and all the preceding Formula 1 games that's 14 titles CM would be able to have AI that don't ram you from behind instead of passing you up?

    F1 is a non contact sport, CM certainly go in the opposite direction with that, I really think they can't make AI that doesn't just blindly try and follow the racing line and avoids other cars.
  20. I am not suggesting that F1 2014 was better, nor did I imply it. In one breath you are saying that the AI is head and shoulders above anything else and then you say it desperately need's work. Make up your mind.

    It is the bugs and issues that I and many other racers are complaining about. This game is supposed to imitate F1 racing. Point me at one real life F1 race with the constant behaviour imitated by the AI in this game. Furthermore, rear end ramming in the pit exit lane and at 190+ mph on a strait away, or anywhere for that matter is not a part of F1 racing and to suggest that one should adapt to that practice is ridiculous.