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ai what the ??

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by David Danser, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. K, first off all the physics are abysmal and it feels like scalectrix cars..
    I could get passed that, but for the rubber band ai, is there anyway to turn this off ? the whole pack of 16 cars stays within 10 seconds of each other the entire race, in qualifying there is 2,5 seconds difference between nr 1 and nr 16, all of a sudden in race everybody has a fastest laptime within 0,3 seconds of each other ???
    this pretty much kills all the fun, can you disable it ? apart from that the ai crashes into you like maniacs...
    will there be a mod or anything that fixes this, i think i am gonna ask for a refund, this game is a disgrace like this!
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  2. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    Await mods, and leave feedback on the RD/steam/codies forum.Perhaps they will tweak via patches if the community feels much needs changing and the discussions are going in the same direction. I for one am shocked that i cant adjust controller settings (linearity,deadzones etc) the advanced option inst where i expect it to be (in controller settings).

    Have they completely forgotten to include it?
  3. The advanced settings are in the controller settings section.
  4. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    That's my point though. In those options all i can change is my buttons layout,nothing else.
    Xbox pad use btw.
  5. Oh right, I'm using a wheel and I think once I selected the preset for it an advanced setting menu showed up which allows you to change sensitivity and deadzones etc
  6. Every race I'm in, if there is qualifying then the front guys get miles ahead, I'm usually in the pack and there is usually 2-5 lead cars that pull away and get at least 5 seconds ahead in a 5-10 lap race, and theres always a small group out the back too.

    However when ever there is no qualifying the pack will stay alot more bunched up, the fast guys have to work there way up to the front, and that usually takes a good 3-4 laps. So if you are only doing short races with no qualifying, you aren't really getting to see their full potential.

    Also I have found if you stick to the race line, the AI will generally wait for a good moment to pass, its all about proper racing, block the inside line from them, make them go around the outside etc, most of the people who seem to complain about the AI are the guys who don't really drive that well, and don't understand real racing....
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  7. The biggest problem with AI is that they are too oblivious of their sorroundings...
    you can't outbreak them on the inside because they will stick to their line (/even if you are already a bit ahead) and smash right into you (senna/prost style) :/
  8. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    In order to fix the issue I resorted to using my wheel :D
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  9. Scott Tanner

    Scott Tanner
    3vil - Steam

    This is the issue entirely. The are not programmed with collision avoidance, a problem the shift games had. To make matters worse the mass of the AI is higher than that of the player which means you will always lose out to the AI if the side swipe you or hit your rear wheel on a corner and have to much grip when they mess up so they can be as careless with braking zones or positions as they want to be.

    I mostly play on-line with some good people so its not so aggravating for me. What is annoying most about careless AI is that racers behaving as such would never get there racing license behaving that way, so why do they model them as such in Grid games?

    They make the effort to have track side commentary like you get at real races, they have put water in the tyre walls as in real life (go smash into one on brands hatch) they put little neat things in to give an experience of track racing, yet they seem to think its OK to program AI like "bad" on-line racers who consideration for other cars is non existent, thus taking away all their added features to create a good racing experience by destroying players hopes and patience levels with stupidly aggressive, bad behaved AI.
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  10. ouvert

    Premium Member

    another problem with AI is that they have fast corner entry, drifty on middle and slow exit .. so it is a pain to drive properly with them arround .. and even driving side by side with AI on long straights is terrible if you are in line they are programmed to take before braking zone .. they will just take it no matter you are there since last corner exit ... only way to play it is to drive ahead of them (possible in 1st race after quallification, but in 2nd race you start from end of pack and you have to make it through them), or not driving in line AI is using (not always possible if AI holds together whole race) .. so along with physics mod we need AI mod too :)
  11. My view on the whole AI good or bad issue is that I have actually had some of the best AI racing since getting this game. They are by no means perfect but in most races have really given me some excellent and challenging racing. In comparison to the AI in a game like F1 for instance they are infinitely better. They push you the whole time and a single mistake more often than not leads to you losing your place. Keeping a good tight line through the corners keeps them at bay but leave the slightest gap and they go for it. Personally that’s exactly what I want, not AI that constantly backs out of overtakes and makes it easy for you to block them.

    Of course there are issues, the main one being the greater mass that the AI cars seem to have meaning that more often than not you come off worst in any incidents. If they could just address that (doubtful I know) then I think this would be the best AI I have raced, if it’s not already.
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  12. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    And I think these AI have memories too. I think if you treat them poorly, they will do the same to you. It's human tendency to race the AI a bit rougher than a fellow human racer. Just personal nature, and I'm guilty too. I agree with Peter in that maybe we have come to expect the A,I, to tield too much. In real racing, only lapped cars would ever think of not using everything they could to stop you from getting by or passing you.
  13. Chris Hempsall

    Chris Hempsall

    In open wheel A.I don't bother me as Im 2 seconds faster than them on the hardest difficulty and they can't touch me.

    Endurance I race smooth and on a consistent pace and A.I usually drop off at the end and I'll make 3 or 4 overtakes on the last lap. This style means I am very gentle around the A.I and don't have much trouble.

    Then of course there's Touring, Tuner and Street in which case the A.I are purely my brakes. I hate them. They don't race fair,they take you out regularly and to counter rubber banding I have a few tricks. One of my favourites is to spin the leader around in a tight turn and watch the other 14 cars have to wait while he turns around, or don't wait and pile up in to the side of him.

    I have no respect for the A.I. They are not there to race. It's like Death Race....If I get to the end alive I win.
  14. ouvert

    Premium Member

    yep a reintalled tha game to relax with something more arcade and after a while i managed to drive around AI withou letting them ruined the experience for me .. I set race length to 2x and it is kind of OK .. exactly as you say .. openwhellers, GT and Touring you are way ahead of them so they don`t cause too much issues and with street and tuning you make your way to the front not using ideal race line, staying out of their way, overtaking outside .. but than you are basically hotlaping until you catch the last car .. so it is playable but it kind of loose the point of having AI in game when you are basically hotlaping :) .. making it on the top from last position is kind a fun - finding ways where to overtake withou AI crashing in to you :) and i also make a rule: if AI causes crash with breaking any part of my car in first lap, i can restart race :)

    ROBERT: i`m treating AI very gently .. my main issue is that if you are in the line usually ideal racing line that AI is scripted to use, they take the line regardless if you are there long time before them or if you drive side by side on the straight .. it is pretty much like they don`t have a clue where you are .. it is not like i`m trying to over take agressively (since they are either braking too late or too early there is no problem to overtake cleanly if you want)
  15. i've learned to race as they do, get in my way and y our history. i got sick of em smashing me from behind, so i give back what i receive,..i wouldnt do it online of course but they deserve it. i lost count how many times i nearlty put my computer through a solid brick wall. or had to restart the race because this AI is garbage.
  16. I really don't see the same sort of behaviour as often as you guys seem to. I have had some really exciting races with them and from my point of view I find for the most part if I place my car carefully and accurately the AI are pretty good at avoiding contact. Of coursed there are times when stuff happens, mainly at the faster corners on street circuits but I enjoy the AI for th most part.

    Online however I find them to be more aggressive than offline, especially on the tighter circuits like San Francisco and Paris.