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AI wet glitch??

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by davetits, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Havent had a wet race yet but durin qualy the AI is going out on a wet track on options and seems to be keeping times consistent with their dry runs in practise, maybe a few tenths down. ive tried running out at the same time on options but cant get anywhere near them (cos its wet obviously) anyone else havin this problem? bug perhaps?
  2. Had something similar in Career Race in Malaysia... few laps tot he end it started raining i was on options with one pitstop left on the schedule. As it was only raining very little and i could keep my pace i pitted for another set of options. One lap after the pit it was like driving on ice. I spun out and was passed by three cars... all on option tires. headed back in the pits for inters. AI didn't but finished the race on options...
  3. yeh. just finished qualifying at Istanbul and I noticed if you fast forward or time skips ahead due to damage repair. the cars see to go as fast as they would in the dry.best thing to do is just avoid damage and don't FF.
  4. Most likely a glitch of some sort. Same thing happens to me every wet practice or quali.
  5. yes i partialy agree that the ai is unbelievable fast on a wet circuit but dont forget the raceline is drying
    the ai is always driving the optimal race line so that would be the main cause why they drive so fast with primes on wat appears to be a wet track.
    but they could be a bit slower to my taste to atleast on legend its inpossible to keep up.
  6. If it's full wet I can keep up, if it's on inters then it's just ridiculous. I just did a wet practice session on Turkey (inters), and just to reach my usual place in the order (around 10th) I had to put full traction control on instead of no assists as normal for me. The AI just have crazy traction on inters I find