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Ai use pit in race ?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by f3n3k, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Hello,
    Is the AI can use the pits during a race?
    Because I made a race for 1h in Formula 3 and they have not stopped a single time ... and me 2 times.

    thank you for your reply

    It is a very good game apart from a few small features still no present.
    *change of the road during a race(weather, cars, little pieces of gum...)

    but very great FFB and immersion in GP (specialy the BIP warning when you enter in the pit lane!!)

    sorry for my english ;) Cya
  2. thanks for you reply, but after one year it's not by default ??

    even so, i'm gonna to try your solution, thanks to you
  3. Also, you can try setting ethanol use to x2 or x3, and you should see them pit then :)
  4. I made a 40 min race in Interlagos with Blacpain mod and they stoped once (also did I). Some of them in the middle of the race.and some at the end.

    I think every car has it's config for pit stop. Maybe Formula 3 won't stop 'cause they don't stop in real life.

    I'm not 100% sure, but once I did a long race with the old Stock Car and I think they stoped, but it was something like a 2 hour race.
  5. It's down to the size of the fuel tank. When they are close to running out of fuel they will pit. They do not pit when tyres are worn, only when nearly out of fuel. But they will change tyres when they pit for fuel.
    I don't know about the blancpain mod without looking at the files, it might be that some cars have different size fuel tanks, or higher fuel consumption, so some are halfway and some at the end.
    But as for the F3, since we cannot edit the hdv file, the easy answer is to set fuel use to x2 or x3 or even more, then they will run low on fuel and they will need to pit :)
  6. I guess a better way would be to make the AI use the same setup that you're using. Since GSC is based on rfactor, this *may* work (haven't tried): http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/how-to-change-ai-setups.9002/

    Otherwise, I don't see much point in putting fuel use to 2x or 3x, since your fuel will be burnt at the same accelerated speed, making you pit even more times, unless you start with a full tank (which, I presume, is the case with AI).

  7. erf it's not realiste to do that, and after few tests, if you set x2 for fuel, you are able to put 13laps of fuel, but IA stop in pit at 28laps with the same fuel consumsion..

    Definitly there are a bug..
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2014
  8. When I have used this in the past it made the AI pit at the same time as me, so maybe you are right, there may be a bug in the later version if this is happening. Might be worth mentioning this in the bug report thread?
  9. I haven't tested any fuel settings however I have played around with tyre wear quite successfully as per the following...

    ...F3, Interlagos, race distance set to 30% of track default, tyre wear x 3, AI set to 102%.

    This was an outstanding race of, I think about 21 laps where myself and the AI all pitted between laps 11-14 (yes real variety which was great). I found it a challenge to get to lap 11 as my rears were fading and the car was not getting the power down and sliding a lot. The second stint I tried not to punish the tyres to much in the early stages to be able to attack or defend that last lap. So strategy as well as at one point i simply sat in behind the car in front of me for a few laps to preserve my tyres before attempting my pass. I also noticed cars swapping places just behind me in the latter stages due to some cars running out of rubber and others not so much. Excellent!

    As it turned out I got passed for 3rd with a few corners to go when I lost the rear. Point is, their tyre wear was similar to mine and they had to pit. It was great to see the AI pitting on different laps. To achieve this the race distance / tyre wear factors are critical as I did a 33% distance prior to this one and quite a few AI actually pitted for a second time on the last lap...which is no good obviously. Each track will be different too I suspect, some tracks wear your tyres more than Interlagos or less than Interlagos which could throw up some pit stop problems. When I did tyre wear at x4 I struggled to get to lap 7 (Interlagos). That made my 33% race a 2 stopper. Anyway, it's good fun experimenting ;)

    Cheers, Bill

    P.S. Just now did a 30 lap Interlagos race, tyre wear x3, AI 102%, and we all pitted twice...between laps 10-13. Cracker of a race!
    The tyre scenario is not perfect ofc as they tend to go 1 lap to long and lose time as they struggle a bit getting around before pitting but it's the best I have experienced now that we can't edit their files much.

    In the pursuit of more fairness and realism, I suggest to watch how the AI enter the pits and do the same as them in your race as they are quite slow going in and lose to much time.
    Last edited: May 2, 2014