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AI Tyre Wear

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Robby, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. I was playing career 25% races and it seems AI doesn't have tyre wear. I was struggling during my last few laps in kuala lumpur but the AI just kept its pace during all the race. I was losing many seconds during the last laps and I suspect Codies didn't put tyre wear for AI (don't ask me why).

    Does anyone know if this is true? Any info?

  2. Scripted nuff said.
  3. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I'm pretty sure the AI have tyre wear. They are just better at preserving the tyres.
  4. Ai have tyre wear But I think they have less than We have.......
    I dont know if its about a script or because Ai are just better at preserving the tyres.
  5. Yeah I'd say they have MUCH BETTER tire wear. I had the same problem. They can run at race pace and not even wear their tires. Just yesterday I was running second in a race that I qualified 13th. Expecting a great result. We all make a pit stop with 9 laps to go. I'm on primes (as they are). My tires are sliding all over the track with 2 laps to go and they are still glued to the ground.
  6. If you do the same race using quick GP you will find that your car is not only faster compared to the way it is in career but also faster in relation to the AI and has better tyre wear. Ive got the same problem, the AI in career are driving the same lap times and stint lengths as they are on quick race which would indicate they have fully evolved cars from race 1, but your car is totally unevolved in career and struggles compared to quick race. Needs a patch to fix this coz its bloody annoying being able to have great close races on a quick race in say a lotus on legend mode but then doing the exact same race in career in the same car and having to drop the difficulty.
  7. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    I have to admit,that AI has a far better tyre wear ... noticed it during a 100 % suzuka race ... options on my car couldnt last more than 10 laps (default setup) . But ,i guess that the tyre wear in this game is scripted like hell,no matter how you drive you will always get the same tyre wear for your setup !
  8. It's awfully scripted, I agree. The worst part is out of the traction zones (Monaco and Singapore are good examples) - while I feather the throttle and change 1st and 2nd early you can hear the cars around you absolutely abusing the throttle and their engine revving @1st and 2nd gear and yet they have no problem with rear deg.
  9. I don't know if it's scripted or not, but AI definitely has tyre wear. On Australia they couldn't keep up with their tyres. I was playing on career season 1 and at the end of each stint, they were losing time to me. This means that they definitely suffer from tyre wear. :D
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  10. Yeah they do have tyre wear of some sort as you can pit earlier and undercut them with fresh tyres. But i do think that there rear tyre wear isn't as high as the players as they don't seem to yet wheelspin at all, especially in the wet!
  11. They have tyre wear, but they have also lots and lots of new sets.
    in my last race alonso made 6 pit stops, on 5 of them he puts on fresh option tyres.
    How? For the race I only have one set of fresh options.
  12. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Spa 100 % race ,managed to make only one stop .... strange !
  13. Career or grand prix mode?
  14. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Grand prix !
  15. I'm right there with Carter on this one. My last race which was 25% at Circuit de Catalunya. I did one qualifying lap on Options (Next to no wear on them at the start) and got pole with my Lotus. On lap 5 my tires were nearing the ridiculous low grip range. Fortunately I moved my pit from lap 8 to 7 but I had already lost 4 positions. Now on fresh Prime tires i was able to hold 5th, but the last 3 laps were a disaster. I was .75 seconds slower than the top ten and I lost another 3 positions. They were just flying out of the corners. It was VERY frustrating. I hope codemasters has an answer for this.
  16. If you check their lap times Career Mode in Race Director i found AI with consistent lap times with hardly any time loss difference, If anything they were getting faster with only one or two slower laps which i put down to an error or overtaking. I Qualified 5th in the Sauber and held this position until my tires started to wear lap around lap 12. I could see the first 4 drivers for the first stint. After 1st round of stops i had lost 3 places and the leaders now out of sight were 2 or 3 seconds faster a lap for no apparent reason by lap 36 i was lapped. I was struggling to stay in the points. It needs fixing for sure !!
    I also find that if i practice and qualify in one go then save the game and come back to the race at a later date then something has gone wrong with my setup and my car handles like a bar of soap on a tin tray, undriveable. If i practice, qualify and race in one go no problems. Its like i have to reload my setup again, but i can't as it goes straight to race... very odd!!
  17. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    The AI are near perfect in their driving. They slip and slid a little in practice and on the first few laps of 100% distance races sometimes, but that's about it. There is the occasional accident with AI or missing a braking point as well but it maybe only happens with one or two of them over the course of a whole race.
    I've examines the AI lap times and compared them to my own a few times now, they are very consistent, but their times do slow a bit through their stints. A human driver is usually far less consistent.
    If you're struggling to beat the AI maybe lower the skill level you're competing against. Or, if you want to pit your skills against real drivers then join a league, there are several here.

    As for the setup changing btwn sessions, you can check your setup before you start the race to make sure it's still the same as what you had before. And if it is different for some reason you can turn parc ferme off and alter the setup to make it what it was.
    It may also be that you are just out of practice when you start the race. Try and do some TT laps and get a feel for the circuit again before jumping back into the race right away the next day.
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  18. I just keep in mind that in real f1 everyone was complaining about tyre wear too, so I just think that I'm not the only one on the grid that is complaining in game. Still a bit strange though that they can do more laps than me
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