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AI Too Hard in F1 2013?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by fanpapad, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. In all the previous versions 2010, 2011 and 2012, I used to play in Career Mode with Professional AI skills and I used to easily win the Championships. In 2013, I started Career with Professonal AIs and in Melbourne with Williams, I was 10 seconds behind Vettel. Changing AIs skill to Amature, I was 4 seconds behind Vettel. Is anybody having the same problem? Will that be a bug issue?
  2. I think because the handling has changed you may need to give it a bit more time to get the hang of again... I'm on Pro and able to stay ahead - but only just recently... I was losing loads till I finally got the nack of things again....
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  3. Dear Dan, thanks for the answer. I will follow your suggestion. In Grand Prix mode, single race, Korea, AIs Amature, with Red Bull, I was 2 seconds behind Vettel, in qualifying and I finished 5th
  4. Keep trying mate and it'll come to you - keep us updated :thumbsup:
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  5. Of course, I will. Thanks.
  6. The AI is quite hard, I'm also on pro and I can keep up but I find the tyre wear being really harsh. To me it goes way to fast :s
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  7. wow i cant believe what i am reading, the only challenge i have is on legend, every other difficulty is just way too easy, and thats with default setup, this year cars have so much grip and u can attack corners like crazy and brake later than before also
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  8. AI on first few corners of race are so slow that you can easily jump 10+ pos. Its so easy to crash into their gearbox when they brake 50m too early. I just had first career mode race, started from 17th place, easily moved to 6-7th place after 2 corners. Finally i finished 50% race on 14th place because im dat bad driver. Tyre degradation is crazy, options start getting worn just after they got optimal temperature. Hilarious
  9. From my point of view it feels like the AI lost a bit speed in the 2013. But they are more agressive if it come to wheel to wheel racing. It makes a lot more fun.
    The tyre degradation is also okay. Can not really see it on the tyre itself but you can really feel when the grip goes down.
    I am looking forward to good AI mod or an improvment which comes from CM directly. The rest is pretty cool.
  10. Indeed the tyre wear in Williams is increased.
  11. Dear Dan, I have already finished career races in Australia, Malaisia, China and Bahrein. in Professional AIs: Australia qualified 10th, finished 3rd. Malaisia qualified 4th, finished 1st. China qualified 4th, finished 1st. Bahrein qualified 1st, finished 1st. All races with Williams. I suppose, that upgrades to the car have been "delivered". Though, apart from Bahrein, the tyre degradation is massive.
  12. I was busy editing the tyre wear but it seems that it's not needed in the end :s I'm racing around Montreal now and super softs remain okay still. I'm beginning to think that the tyre degradation here was so extreme because I applied setups from f1 2012. I now use quick car setups and I have no issues on tyres for now.
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  13. has anybody got overtaken by ai in the corners? i've done 6 races or so and only time i've been overtaken is in the drs zone, in the corners if you hold your line they just back down way too much when they get close to you
  14. Lol please rip this thread down, it's not the AI being hard it's you not being quick enough.

    AI is basically the same as last year, i will probably be modding my AI as soon as possible to be competitive, they don't race you at all. Even in a shittier car defending the Ferraris, Bulls and Mercs, all you need to do is make your one move and the AI will just happily sit behind you, even under DRS. It's like they are coming off the throttle to match your pace rather than passing you.(Legend AI no assists cockpit cam)

    Saying that without blowing my own horn, I am pretty damn quick, so for us to relate to each other's game experience is never going to work.
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  15. Yes I have, The AI is way better than 2012.
    Did my first career race in melbourne, Q was p17 and race the same(Williams).
    And the additional difficulty level is just perfect for me.

  16. I don't know, maybe you just need to adapt to the game. I tried Melbourne with a Caterham and I got 4th place in Q and I let a lot of cars pass on T1, so I was 10th after lap 1. Till lap 5 I was back in first and making a gap. I think the AI is even worse this year. Give yourself more time with the game and you'll be on my opinion too. :D
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  17. Serious ?? Against Legend AI ?? No assist ?? Then consider good choice I start my career with Marussia.
  18. The ai ist to slow!! I won a race in Montreal with ferrari, i started 22. 50% race, legende, all off. I think there is a little steeringhelp, stability control, abs, traction control always on. The game is very good, but driving is to easy. I drive with thrustmaster f1 wheel.
  19. Abit confuse you say "legende, all off" and then say "there is a little steeringhelp, stability control, abs, traction control always on" :unsure:
  20. " a little" i think. You see it, when driving to fast in curves.