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AI too fast in straight

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Dogo1985, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    I choose Ferrari 488 gt3 and the same cars as opponents in a weekend race.
    But on the straights all ai is faster than me. I think it isn't normal!!!!
    Why? Have someone any solution?
  2. Try reducing AI strenght. If you're using a custom setup try tweeking it so you're faster in the straights, could be that the default setup (which the AI use unless you force a custom setup) is faster than yours.
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  3. Thanks for your answer.
    I don't use custom setup and I don't need to reduce the AI strenght because my time si good!!!! It's normal that AI is Faster than me in straight? It's not realistic
  4. You should check your pedals are hitting 100% - open the pedals app, the throttle bar has a little red light that turns green when the pedal's at 100%.

    Aero damage can also significantly affect top speed, if you're bumping into things you'll end up slower.

    I recall the 458 GT2 has a fairly early ideal shift point, not sure if the 488 is the same - on the 458 you want to shift at the last shift light, not at redline.

    The AI has the same engine as you so if it's faster it's cause you're not using the car at its peak performance.
  5. They have the same engine but more grip (ultra_grip=1.2 is the default if I remember correctly) so they can corner faster which allows them to pull away in a straight. That's why I suggested he try playing with the setup.
  6. But are they using ultra grip/assists all the time? Afaik they only use these things in crashes or to keep up with the AI difficulty percentage selected. A player can post better lap times than 100% AI but is too difficult for most players.
  7. It's for braking zones, to help them trail brake more aggressively without spinning, on mid corner and exit they don't have it.
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  8. Ah, I was under the impression it was total grip when tires are at optimal temps... Learn something new every day :)
  9. OP's probably loosing time on Corner Exit and the AI are just carrying more speed and making for an easy overtake with a draft.
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  10. Thanks all to answer me!!!
    Majuh I don't understand in the link, to enable 'arcade mode' I have to click CTRL+C during a session race or when?
    Sorry but I don't speak english very well
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  11. The AI isn't cheating (beyond having stability assist and faster reaction) as you can fairly easily see yourself through replays and test tracks available and that in the link isn't "arcade mode" but a developer tool to test and tweak the AI per car used in conjunction with the developer AI app. If you really have such difficulties keeping up with the AI in a straight line then work on your corner exits.
  12. You can create a specific "ai_hints.ini" for your track to reduce the AI speed in straight or in corners.
    Not user friendly, but this can solve your issue.
  13. I believe they fixed it so it's not possible anymore to activate the AI arcade mode by pressing CTRL+C during a race. So there's nothing you can do apart from lowering the AI % or adapting your setup.
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  14. No, you can absolutely still activate the AI driver using ctrl+c, just tested it. It's not an "arcade mode", it's provided as a tool to help modders tweek AI behavior as has already been mentioned
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  15. The Stig™

    The Stig™
    Some say his heart beat is measured in RPM Premium

    Ctrl+C enables AI physics which is different than regular physics. Press Ctrl+C again and you regain control of the car but still with AI physics. I ran a 2:12 in a 458 GT2 at Spa in "AI Physics" mode, over 5 seconds faster than my previous best. So yes, AI definitely have an advantage from a physics perspective.

    Sad part is RSR registers these times as valid...
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  16. I tried to enable arcade mode but whilst it will enable, repeating the key press doesn't disable it.
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  17. But the AI doesn't post a 2:12 at Spa with the 458 GT2, so like Stereo explained above about the ultra grip "It's for braking zones, to help them trail brake more aggressively without spinning, on mid corner and exit they don't have it.". Recently I crashed in the AI and they spun off. I don't know at what point they're using stability control, but my preference about the AI will always be no assists for them, only for them to be good enough in controlling the car without requiring ultra grip or stability. But then you see AI at Flugplatz going too fast and crashing hard, but at Spa Eau Rouge-Raidillon they brake too much and lose momentum for the straight.

    "Sad part is RSR registers these times as valid..." When was this? Because the RSR rank page for that combo doesn't show your lap time. Was it a long time ago and the leaderboards were already reset or more recently and you already got banned for it? Because RSR is good with their anti-cheating and usage of Ctrl+C does give you a ban if you're using the rsr app at the same time or post a lap time with their app.
  18. A human player is obviously faster than the AI with the same physics, that's why there's a need for these different AI physics in the first place.
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