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AI too fast in straight!!!

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by prato_1994, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Hi! I'm playing the championship mode with Alonso at mclaren and all cars include manor are more faster than me in the straight, also AI have a brutal traction in the accelerations, they never wheelspin. Also button is faster than me with the same car. And i play a quick race with Mercedes and with DRS enabled i can't pass a lotus car. But in the corners I'm faster so the AI is really poor. Also the 19 car go in "Fila india" allá the race! Please open the erp files and mod this ****
  2. There is only one solution to this problem.. Get a refund. It worked for me :) I have owned every codemasters game so far, but this is unbearable. F1 2014 was a terrible release itself, but we forgave them since they promised to deliver on 2015. Well, i am done with them and i really hope that F1 will give the license to someone else to make this game.
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  3. Lower the game's difficulty or try to set low downforce. It will make your car much quicker on straights
  4. Do not run the engine on rich fuel mix for a long period of time during the lap and shift only at the end of the green lights of the rev counter.
  5. Speaking of, how does one do it in a quickrace only when you have never created a setup?
  6. When you use mixture 3 of PU, cars doesn't recharge the ERS, so in straight your car is slower than the other drivers. You have to brake hard for recharge your ERS, and you have to use mixture 2 or 1. And is very very important when you upshift because if is too later is not good for the engine and also for a good traction. When all leds are lit you have to upshift.

    I'm sorry for my bad English man, i hope you understand.