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AI tire Wear

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Philip00, May 29, 2013.

  1. Hi all!

    In Rfactor 1 was the option AI Tire modell, where can i setup Ai has the same tyre wear as me, how can i setup this in RFactor 2?

    2. I play against AI(megane trophy) and some AI don't go to refuel they run out of fuel, why?
  2. Hi:)
    If I have it correct they try to simulate the tyrewear of the AI like our own tyrewear as good as possible, but it aint the same tyremodel you have. Because of the amount of calculation every AI need to simulate the Rfactor2 tyrewear, they are more simplified, but should simulate the same amount of tyrewear you have. The AI drives real clean, so they tend to last a long time with their tyres, I'm still practicing to try to drive as clean as possible, I'm getting better and better but I'm still not at that level. Would be a handy option if you could select how fast the tyrewear of the AI would be.
    The second is just a bug from ISI, sure they will fix it in the future, it was the case with other cars before also, and they fixed that.
  3. Thanks for quick answer i hope everything is in the game as you describe, becasue i played with f1 1979 mod and i chose my self qualification tire and i run with this tire in race and tire wear 7X nad i give the controls for ai but the time became better lap after lap:(
  4. You should test if the ISI mods behave with tyrewear, it will give you a much better insight if it works correctly:) the 79 mod is still a beta, so a good change that the tyrewear is not complete on that mod. I haven't tested it myself, but i wouldn't be surprised.
  5. i tried it with nissan GTR and 7x tyre wear 30 laps in fuji. They go to the pits 3 times what is cool, but their laptimes is same in the whloe race(1.42.xxx) :(
  6. Well to be honest, driving against AI is more difficult than driving online, if you consider the consistancy the AI has comparing to tyredegredation. What I always noticed with AI that qualy times can be 2 or 3 seconds quicker than their race pace. Taking that in account they probably have a realistic racepace, and not driving on the edge the whole time probably makes they can be consistant for such a long time. If it's that consistant in real life that they always stay within 1 second of their own laptime over +- 50 laps I don't know. The AI so seem to lose some time with batteling eachother and making small mistakes now and then.
    When I was still driving offline and against AI, I just adjusted the strength of the AI in race to my own racepace, but than again, driving to manage your tyres takes a while to learn.

    But try to join a clubrace once, put in some practice beforehand, you will see that some people can be as consistant as the AI drives, but those people who can are only a few, and others also have difficulty with the tyredegradation. You will have battles with real people, very fun to do:thumbsup: (overtaking is a bit harder though, as AI in offline has the tendancy to be very kind to you when you want to pass them)

    EDIT: just see that you also posted it on ISI forum, and someone said that a lot still has to be done with the AI to work properly, he seems to be better informed than me. Haven't checked the AI lately.