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AI strength since 1.5

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Billy Pilgrim, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. I've noticed that the AI is a little stronger since the 1.5 update.

    I'm finding, for example, that a race that was (before 1.5) winnable for me at, say, 90 AI strength is now no longer winnable (even though I can be making new personal bests). I seem to have to turn down AI strength by about 2 points on most of the tracks I tried - which is not that many yet. For the Nordschliefe, I seem to have to turn down AI 4 or 5 points.

    Anyone else confirm this?
  2. But how is they behavior around corner ?? I get push off track by these Alien AIs many times trying the special events "Mikey Likes it".
  3. Hi Billy.
    I *think* they got some driving skills, but this depends on track+car combo. For instance, I used to race with AI in 100% all the time. Now, on some combos like Monza and BMW e90, I wish I could get more than 100%, but changing the car to the new C7, though, things get way different. The AI C7s seems to accelerate faster than me out of curves, even if I do them right on their backseats, same gear, pedal to the metal. Adjusting wings doesn't help either. They are simply faster than my car in straights (and I don't have damaged engine or transmission). I even checked my accelerator pedal to see if it was registering the full deflection in game (and it is).
    So, yes, I think that some combos have to be a notch or two below what they were before. And this is a good thing, IMHO. :)
  4. Hi Fernando,
    Yes, I've noticed that the track certainly makes a difference. Haven't noticed that it's a car + track combo yet myself (but I haven't done enough combos yet to see that).

    Last night, I used an Interlagos mod track, and the AI strength seemed to be no different to 1.4.

    Perhaps there's no difference with mod tracks.
  5. Even when the AI of Assetto Corsa, will "be afraid" in time for overtaking? It is ridiculous that when there is side by side with another car, try to keep the greatest possible distance between the cars, getting on the edge of the track by opening the door causing the other cars to pass, the right would try to close the door, leave room but as little as possible and touch happen, mainly in touring cars.

    In version 1.3 the AI was okay, in version 1.4 blew it and by the way, are not anxious to correct this problem.
  6. the AI aren't stuck at traffic anymore, that's probably why they are faster...prior 1.5 they had faster lap times than me, but i still could overtake'em, since they loosed bunch of time with their AI-fights.

    Last race, the AI tricked me, i only used the default 30L Fuel, thought the AI would drive the same 30L Fuel, but they were smart enough to have more fuel.....and i was the idiot who had to pit :laugh: It varied from car to car. One had full Fuel-setup, one only half-fuel (pausing the game on start and watching replay of cockpit-view).

    Some car-combos could need some more AI-strength. The RUF RT12R is more on the slower-side. Huayra is fast.

    in bunch of ai races upto now it happend only one time, ai hitting my back and kicking me out the street :thumbsup:
  7. This thread confuses me, Im no more than a back marker,mid fielder on good day online (mostly rf2 and Iracing), so not very fast at all, yet on a hundred percent "difficulty" Im consistently at front of the grid after 2-3 laps from last place, and this is AFTER the standard AC method of not taking the entire field on first lap, as the AI is about half pace on first lap with a enormous gap up middle,so if didnt limit myself on 1st lap Id easily beat field on first lap.

    so either Ive become a "alien" overnight or AC AI is far far too easy, this is various official content used too, no mods,very rarely the front car speeds up very artificially, allowing a bit of racing, but looks odd, and is no solution,is there any way for a 100+ setting?
  8. 100% AI doesn't mean unbeatable. Is this on cars like GT3? And on which type of cars you have more difficulty on winning or even stay within the top spots? Also I don't know if you're using default setup or not, because AI does (except the fuel not always being on default now, because of pit stop strategy). But you don't need to avoid using a custom setup for the track, only saying in case a custom one contributes to winning every race easily.
    For example on Nurburgring GP, how much faster are you than AI 100 in terms of lap times? With either gt2/3 cars, or if you like to use other types of cars.
  9. Na GT3 was using, but anything slower and they tend to be even slower, i dunno, what times are other ppls AI getting on 100 per cent? like I say Im not fast,so would be interested to see other ppls AI times on default tracks,Im sure it must be a bug.

    Edit: FOund the issue, its having anything but optimal surface,causes massive slow downs for AI, nice to see AI finally improve a bit though, on optimal track its a decent challenge,and contact between cars has been vastly improved over previous versions.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016
  10. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright
    Join us in the RD club races! Staff Premium

    There should be an unbeatable option though, no? Seeing as there's a large spread of talent/speed between sim racers there should be a setting that only the Aliens can keep up with and which would be unbeatable for 70-80% of players. Otherwise the Aliens will get very bored very quickly and as above-average drivers improve they will eventually run out of challenge.

    I've only done one race with the AI since 1.5 and my experience was like what Hash had. It was the new Fiat 595 at Magionne, and even at 100% I had no trouble walking away from the field even after starting deep in the pack and waiting a couple laps to make any moves. This was with the default car setup. Previously I ran the AI in the 90-95% range and could have a good challenge, now I'm wondering if I'll be able to even make them challenging enough with some combos. Granted, this was just one race with one car/track combo so I'm not jumping to conclusions, but I love racing slow cars at short tracks and it was a bit disappointing to see that this may not be viable with the current AI status.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2016
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  11. Could it be that they got nerfed with the latest small updates?!

    The Ferrari 458 S3 and the Nissan-GTR are somehow weak on 100%, i always reach the fastest lap time@default setup. (maybe all street-cars, didn't try further)
    Or could it be the combination with Black Cat County with a slow AI-Path?! I know for sure one place, that small left towards that little tunnel on last sector, where the AI constantly looses time and i can overtake'em easily coz i can simply drive faster there.
  12. For me, it's still playing like good old Destruction Derby on PS1. :cry:
  13. i don't get it...why does the AI vary in their strength so much using that AI.ini?! Wouldn't it be the best way to determine all the variables directly from the physics-file of the car (max-rpm,cornering etc.) and get the maximum speed of each car.

    It kinda suxx to wait several weeks and months until kunos fixes those slow AI-Cars.

    Ferrari 458 (s3)
    RUF RT-12R

    Slow, Slow, Slow :x3: