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AI Strength % for accurate pro racer real world lap times?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by David Cordell, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. I am trying to simulate the ADAC GT3 series and the lap times are off quite a bit. There are tons of settings that affect AI lap times so I am just trying to find the most important constant to start with.

    To start off with, I am using the Blancpain GT3 mod and the first track in the series is Oschersleben and I am using the GP version from extremfactor website. The 2014 real world race at this track had the winners with a fast lap time of 1:27.390. With this mod at this track, my AI at 100% run high 1:31's and at 120% run 1 second slower than real life 1:28.390's.

    With the AI strength maxed out at 120%, the AI is still 1 second slower than the real world pace, something is off.

    Basically, what is the AI strength % that simulates real world lap times of the Brazilian stock car championship races?
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  2. It varies between tracks. So its always going to have to change. If 120% still isnt fast enough for you your going to have to go into the track's .AIW file and find these 3 lines

    Worst Adjust is for AI strength level around 80%, mid is for 100% and best is for 120%. You'll have to increase the value of best adjust until you can get it in the ball park of your pace while the AI strength is set at 120%, then i personally would paste that value to Mid adjust and lower worst and raise best adjust values accordingly and run in game 100% so you can fine tune it from there, Hopefully that makes sense.

    What i wish Reiza would do is add in an AI Strength slider like in GTR2 during the Championship so you can make them faster or slower for each race in the championship and not be stuck with whatever you picked at the beginning.
  3. Thanks Troy but I know how to adjust the AI to suit my speed. What I want to know it how to adjust the AI to suit real life pro racer speeds. Mainly, I am assuming the power and speed of the stock GSC cars and the grip level of the stock tracks are correct. All I want to know is what would be close to the correct AI % to simulate real world lap times without changing anything else with the stock, unmodified content? I am only concerned with the lap times of the AI.

    Ok.....easier question. Anyone have a link to actual lap times of real Brazilian stock car races?

    For example, If I am really 4 seconds slower than the real life pros, I want to be 4 seconds slower than the AI. I want to have to improve to beat an accurate representation of the pro's. If I never beat them, that's fine but I want it to be realistic.
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  4. What i just said is how you achieve that if they are too slow even at 120%. Adjust the Best setting until the AI are doing whatever pro times you found and then set that as the 100%. Ultimatly with stock content 100% i think is what is supposed to be real lap times. Once you go over 100% the AI starts "cheating" to get faster. But if at 120% and they are still way to slow you have to adjust that value to make them super cheat.

    In other words there is no golden AI % to simulate real world drivers because the AI is faster and slower on different tracks. For instance the AI with the Brazil Stock cars are really good at Interlagos at 100% but at Taruma with 100% they are terribly slow. So you have to move the slider up to get closer to the real times. Another example is with the Formula Truck game its all over the place some tracks at 100% they are so slow its painful but 100% on other tracks its like im racing formula one cars they are so fast.
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  5. You can do this manually quite easily. In between races just open the file corresponding to the championship you're running in a text editor (example: REIZA01.cch). Change the value of GAMEOPT_ai_driverstrength to whatever you want the strength to be in the next race. The files are in the same directory as your PLR file.
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