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AI strange Pit Strategy when safety car is deployed!

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Mike85, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Hi there,

    i'm really enjoying codemaster's new F1 title however for (over 250 hours), it looks like one of the most irritating and game breaking bugs has not been fixed thus far.

    - It looks like when safety car is deployed, the AI will break their Pit strategy most of the time:
    they will pit almost at the end of the race and sometimes will even do extra pit stops..... :-(

    it occures not on every race but very often! it makes everything much easier and breaks the game....

    what do you think guys?
  2. also antoher question! if I disable the safety car option, will I still be able to have 'VIRTUAL SAFETY CAR' condition in the game?
  3. My experience is actually quite positive with tactics: I once got lucky when a race got neutralized, exactly when I entered the pit lane. Being able to join the line within a lap, all cars who then had to pit fell behind, as well as a couple who thought their mediums would hold to the end but didn't. Then I was lucky that #Kimi7 had a gearbox-issue allowing me to finish 4th in Renault in a 50% Aussie GP on Legend level. Everything came my way.

    But likewise it was the race after in Bahrain, that I got it wrong with the rubber/strategy. So you win some, you loose some, just like the real guys - particularly those in midfield. So, my experience is different and therefore never considered to switch of SC, VSC or anything of the sort.