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AI spread

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rapala, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. When I race AI, I really like them to have different speeds so they're not all bunched up in the AI train which looks unrealistic and makes overtaking a nightmare.

    After finding the talent folder , I saw there is a speed option, so I changed all the speed numbers in the F3 folder, ranging from 0 - 100. But this clearly doesn't do anything as my guy with 0 speed, qualified 5th and the entire gap between 1st and 22nd in quali was only 0.4 seconds. I'd really like to make the gap between 1st and 22nd something in the order of 2-3 seconds which would be far more realistic imo.

    I also found in my PLR file the aiSpread variable which is set to 0 = no limiting. Does anyone know a way to make the ai spread themselves more?
  2. There must be an error somewhere in your files, changing speed does make a difference.
    Just to make sure, I have just now done a test with the F3 - I changed one driver to 99 - and he is in the top three. Changing his speed to 30 and he is lower down the leaderboard.

    Make sure you are naming the files correctly (without the space between names), and putting the name at the top of the text WITH space, and spelt exactly the same.

    Also make sure the files are in the correct folder.

    In particular, if you edit speed and aggression numbers (between 1 and 99), you should see a difference.
  3. I must have messed something up in one of the general ini files while i was fiddling, because after I reset everything to default, it's now working. thanks!