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AI Spectator Mode??

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Childcar Racing, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Hi, First off, well done to ISI for making such a good rF2 Open Beta. I just need to ask a question. In rFactor 1, you could watch an AI Spectator Mode race just by keeping your car in the pits and pressing whatever key you have assigned to be Pause/Play to just watch the race and keep your car in the pits. Is that possible in rFactor 2 Open Beta? I have pressed the Pause/Play button when I got into the race in the Open Beta and nothing happened. Do you have to press a different key to watch the race? I mean, is it a different key to Pause/Play to watch the race? If not, does anyone know whether it will be possible in the final version of rFactor 2? I know it is possible to get into a race and press "ToggleAI" but I'd rather run AI Spectator mode races the other way like you could in rF1. So my question is, is it possible? If anyone knows the answer, please can they answer. Any answer would be appreciated.
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  3. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Have you checked the key allocation in the control settings? Perhaps there is no default key assigned.

    I haven't checked for myself yet.
  4. Yes I have, but I don't know which Input Binding I have to assign the key to to do AI Spectator Mode
  5. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Many thanks. Please can someone if they know reply
  7. Please can anyone help if they can
  8. Try with "View next vehicle" key (default numpad +) and "View previous vehicle" key (numpad -)
    you will spectate other drivers while you're still in garage. And you can also change cameras after if you want.
  9. childcar, im new to rFactor ,but i figured it out on the first day, it really isn't hard.

    firstly when you race with the AI, when the race starts just click Escape then click "Exit to Monitor" top right corner you will see the race going ahead , click the first little box in that preview screen. that will maximase the spectator screen to "full screen" .... then click Enter to get rid of the hud, so now you have no HUD.... the screen is not cluttered.

    now to view the spectators, below is a image of the numpad... by clicking the minus and plus key you will be switching through the AI Drivers, yes great but now you want to change views, read below...
    to change views click the Inset Button, for the cockpit, T-cam view, by clicking Home you will get the outside views of the car, the "End,Page up & Page down keys" will change the camera to "TV Style"

  10. But in rF1, you could just press "Play" without clicking "Race" and the AI race will start without you. Is this possible in the rF2 Open Beta?
  11. Anyone help please?
  12. In keybindings look for 'Toggle AI Control'
    Assign a key and start a race session.
    Upon starting click that key and you'll get some message saying that the AI is in control.
    Just sit back and enjoy the racing!
    (P.S. This worked in rF1 but I doubt they tooke it away from rF2)
  13. James Chant

    James Chant

    it was key " i " IIRC
  14. i mean is it possible to just stay in the garage and watch the race